Everything You Should Know About Facebook Business Suit

Facebooks awaited plan from 2019 finally got into action this year. Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer, has officially announced its new interface Facebook Business Suit, designed specially keeping in focus smaller enterprises. By this app, Business owners can manage their profiles and pages across Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook on one unified platform. This idea of connecting B2B was initiated in 2016 when Facebook enabled responding to Instagram’s comments through the Facebook Pages Manager app.

Everything You Should Know About Facebook Business Suit 1

Features of Facebook Business Suit

 The major challenge for small enterprises during a pandemic is to sell and promote their products. Facebook Business Suit makes it easier for enterprises to analyze post results, raise engagements, and manage business across all Facebook platform.

Facebook Business Suit

One-point Messaging hub 

 It allows business owners to post at the same type across multiple platforms like Instagram, Messenger, Facebook, and they can also manage and receive messages, alerts, and notifications from all these platforms from one single interface.

Save time 

By this app, one can save the time of posting the same message on different platforms. The same message can now be published quickly across all platforms by single-click.

Analyze Market 

Enterprises can benefit from receiving insights of Instagram and Facebook together about their product’s performance. Business owners can upgrade their strategy according to these results and try to raise their sales.

Impact of this app on Facebook’s business

 Facebook purchased Instagram in 2012 and WhatsApp in 2014. The company’s primary mission is to build community and unite the world together. So it makes sense that Zukerberg would plan to combine all three separate messaging applications into a single platform. 

This integration is done for better interoperability among these different apps, and it might stronger Facebook’s foothold in the business of messaging, which is rapidly growing in developing countries.

Facebook Business Suit can also foster the advertisement business of Facebook within messaging.

Future of Facebook Business Suit 

Facebook’s changes will help or hamper the messaging service’s ability to interact with users on competing services is still a question.

Apart from adding new features, this integration of messaging service may also open doors for challenges like privacy issues and social conflicts.

Antitrust regulators have also expressed concern about this integration. The Europian parliament in 2019 has forewarned about the high-risk involved in the company’s plan of integrating messaging services. 

In Facebook’s Privacy Report of 2019, it was already stated that Facebook’s plan to unite the technical infrastructure of WhatsApp, Instagram, and messenger, which have more than 2.6 billion users, can pose a huge risk of data-sharing.

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Other tools for the growth of a small business

To bolster the dwindling business amid the COVID-19 pandemic and make online shopping seamless, Facebook has also released a new app called Facebook Shop this year. This app can be used by businesses to set up their online store targeting customers from both the platforms of Instagram and Facebook. Business owners can choose the product and add them to the store and promote it. Small to big enterprises, everyone can take benefit of this app to showcase their brands.

There is a spike in online businesses in a pandemic, and Facebook is leaving no stone unturned to adapt this change. 

Facebook has also recently released the third edition of the Global State of Small Business Report stating that “Many small businesses have seen the benefits of shifting to e-commerce.”

And the research study it acquired from Deloitte about the consumer’s purchasing pattern in COVID-19 and digital tools used to search and contact enterprises.

As many businesses are now continuously enduring to strengthen their digital presence, these Facebook tools and apps can be a big hit of the year. The company will soon roll out its release business tools for larger enterprises too.

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