Rasa.io(2021): Must Have Marketing Automation and Personalization Software


Have you ever struggled to choose the right software for sending customized letter for your subscribers? Rasa.io is here a perfect solution for your problem which is known best for its personalization and automation of the newsletter. It sends an automated newsletter allowing you to get the right topics of the content to the right people and also helps in gaining the trust of the customer for your brands.

This software is very time efficient, all you have to do is select the content and source while the rest it can handle. If you want to supercharge your newsletter, rasa.io is the best for that. It also makes sure of the fact that each of your subscribers receives a unique newsletter. Beside this, let us introduce you to all the amazing features of this software.

Features that you will immensely appreciate :

From customization of the newsletter to analyzing the metrics, all can be done here. Let’s discuss the features in more detail:


Rasa.io ensures that each and every subscriber receives a completely custom newsletter which in return makes the subscribers feel that the brand is more trustworthy and valuable.


Analyze the Metrics:

With the help of this feature you can easily observe the engagement metrics. After sending the individualized newsletter you can view the open and click rates. The more quality content you will provide the more the audience will read.


Strategic Insights:

It is very important to understand your audience, for that you have the insights of the customers about what topic they are really interested in, so that you can deliver your content more accurately.


Featuring your content:

You can input any of the featured articles in the newsletter whether it is self written or extracted from some other source like Twitter, Facebook etc.


User Interface:

Rasa.io is pretty easy to set up, all you have to do is enter your email and your website so that the A.I. Can easily do the setup by pulling out the logos and colors. You can even edit the logo with the help of the simple editors and can even add notes in your newsletter for providing them the details about some important updates. Now, for customizing your newsletter you can detect the templates and change their fonts, colors and layout.


  • The quality content provided to the customers are invaluable
  • The newsletter easy is quite easy to-do task
  • The support system is extremely helpful and responsive.
  • The admin dashboard can be used easily
  • Able to curate appropriate articles
  • You can view the open and click rates.


  • Templates are not much customizable
  • There is lack of availability of printing the branded reports

Unique Selling Point:

The unique feature is that if you want your particular set of articles to be included in every newsletter then you can simply click the icon of the lightning bolt present in the row for boosting your post. After that the AI will automatically curate the remaining newsletter. 

Lightening feature

For adding the custom copy to your newsletter, there are basically two ways you can go through, the first one is to write a singular letter for every person present in your list. You can even make it attractive by adding banners, brands.


You can add square images which are best for ads and promotions.

Ads and promotion

 Moving forward to the next step you can do is the article setting where you can set the number of articles, maximum article count as well as maximum article per source.In the Send Settings, Rasa AI is well capable of selecting the subject line for each subscriber. After that you can check the preview and add the contacts by CSV or by integration of the third party app.

Import contact

Finally, you are all ready to schedule the newsletter, the newsletter will automatically be sent on the scheduled time.


Use Cases:

  • Real Estate
  • Small Business
  • Marketing
  • Associations.


Rasa.io has integration with several platforms listed below:

  • Mailchimp
  • HubSpot
  • Shopify
  • Zapier
  • Infusion soft
  • Send fox
  • Salesflare
  • Desk era
  • Stripe
  • Word press
  • Re plug
  • Active campaign
  • Sales force
  • Sync spider
  • Pipe dream
  • Pabbly connect

Know more alternatives of mailchimp.


Alternatives Of Rasa.io:

There are a wide range of alternatives available for rasa.io, among which the most recommended are mentioned below.


This is an intelligent virtual assistant which can automatically engage all the leads. It is very helpful for the marketing teams for driving more customers from the website and email sightseers. It is cloud and web based platform


  • The Artificial intelligence is capable of understanding and responding to the leads’ conversation
  • Automatic Updates of the CRM 
  • Personalization can be done via proper use of filmographies and the data of the customers
  • Availability of Dynamic Nurturing


This software allows you to manage your sales like a pro with the use of CRM that keeps itself upto date. It is a Cloud and web based platform. Besides, it is also available as a desktop and mobile version.


  • Management and Delivery of the content
  • Calendar System
  • Personalization and Management of Campaign
  • East automation of address book based on email signatures


This is well recognized for its email feature. It helps to send the emails to the customers very efficiently and collect more sales for you. You can even find its integration with Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce  and Neto.


  • Abandoned Cart Emails via which you can easily recover the lost sales
  • Triggered Email Marketing
  • Availability of AB Testing
  • Subscriber and Template Management


Number Of ContactsPricing
Upto 3500 Contacts$49 per month
Upto 5000 Contacts$79 per month
Upto 10,000 Contacts$121 per month
Upto 12,500 Contacts$142 per month
Upto 250,000 Contacts$1364 per month

You will also get a free trial of two weeks

For Enterprise and Association: Contact the vendor

Feature in Free Version:

  • Removal of rasa.io branding on footer
  • Email and Chat Support

Features in Pro Version:

  • Unlimited Integrations
  • Multiple Newsletter
  • Uncapped Sources
  • Content Library
  • Additional Users
  • World Class Support

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Final Verdict:

UI Ratings: 9.5/10

Features: 9/10

Pricing: 8/10