Top Ways You Can Design Fleece Sweatshirts for Your Clothing Store

As the crisp chill of fall shifts into the cold air of winter, what’s the one signature piece of clothing you can sport just about any and everywhere? Oftentimes, that answer is a fleece sweatshirt. Adored for its natural warm and cozy yet lightweight texture, fleece is a top pick for people of all ages, sizes and genders. Comfort, durability, water resistance and easy care are just some of the attributes of this amazing fabric.  Couple this with the trendiness of the sweatshirt, and you now have a very desirable, customer-driven apparel item to boost sales for your clothing business.  

Fleece sweatshirts have a considerable and dedicated consumer base. For a clothing store, they provide an opportunity to attract new customers, while making a profit. So, how can your brand undertake designing fleece sweatshirts that might outdo your competitors? Read on for some great ideas.

Start with the basics.

Fleece sweatshirts come in a variety of designs and styles, but to start your sweatshirt collection, begin with the basics. Get some nice solid colors. Divide them into color schemes. You can have a section for pastels, as they are quite the trend, solid blacks, browns, and whites are always in demand. You can also have a small section for neons and bright colors in shades of reds and yellows. Bella + Canva is an excellent source, if you are looking for essential yet chic fleece sweatshirt inspiration. 

The graphics are in!

Graphics are pervasive in the fashion world, from denim jackets to pants, t-shirts, and even handbags, knapsacks and backpacks. Hence, fleece sweatshirts simply can’t stay away from the trend. With an endless scope of designs, graphics are one of the best ways to ornament these shirts. You can pick a niche or fan favorite, like a movie, a trending web series, or even a viral meme. Anime graphics or classic cartoons are always in demand. Graphic fleece shirts are a great way to sell something unique, as well as add a fun and funky edge to your clothing brand.  

Try cropping. 

No one accustomed to the fashion world can deny that cropped clothes are ruling the market. From cropped t-shirts to jackets, cropped tops are not going out of fashion anytime soon. This is your opportunity to design cropped fleece sweatshirts for your clothing store. You can consider some basic designs, or go for customized graphic, embroidered, or even patched cropped sweatshirts. With the right design and the perfect cropped length, your customers will be unable to wait to get their hands on this sweatshirt collection. 

Let some embroidery take over.

Embroidered fleece sweatshirts are a unique way to turn your basic collections into a customer favorite. Adding embroidery can instantly change the look of a regular fleece sweatshirt into a customized high-end piece of fashion. Embroidered sweatshirts add something new to the garments, yet require little alterations. You can go for a classy and elegant look, with  small motifs or a word embroidered on the shirt. You can also embroider the hem or a pocket. 

Patch up the elbow.

Elbow patches on a fleece sweatshirt are a great customized design. You can create a design by combining fun fabric options, or experiment with colors and patterns to create new and exciting looks. Simply changing the colors and textures of the elbow patches can transform the whole look and add more appeal to your fleece sweatshirts. 

Cozy cardigans? Yes, please.

We know this might seem risky, but the trend is already in motion and doing pretty well. But, by opening up the front of a fleece sweatshirt, you can change it from a regular shirt to a cozy cardigan. In order to create these cardigan mocktail sweatshirts, first you’ll need to find or create some good designs; then, you can either leave the cut front edges rough or smooth them with a straight stitch in matching or contrasting thread; and lastly, apply your creative design of embroidery, appliques or even buttons. However you decide to create these wonderfully reworked fleece sweatshirts for your brand, have fun, be creative, and enjoy watching your customers eagerly buy them.  

Bling it!

Bedazzling your fleece sweatshirts is a sure-fire way to add an exciting new section to your collection and attract a clientele that loves bling! Applying a tiny amount of razzle-dazzle will elevate your sweatshirts from regular wear to partywear. Try adding rhinestone designs on the sleeves or the edges of the sweatshirts. Sweatshirt hoodies with the rims bedazzled with rhinestones or glitter are ideal for customers who love outfits with a bit of dramatic appeal. You can also use rhinestones to compose words on the back of your fleece sweatshirts, for an attention-getting statement look. 

Custom pockets are cool.

Imagine a basic white fleece sweatshirt. Now, imagine the same shirt with a funny quote or character etched on the pocket. Which one seems more attractive? The magic of the custom pocket, of course. You can use this design idea on your fleece sweatshirts, as well, by working  with a range of different materials to create fun and aesthetic pockets.

Another idea is to let your customers customize their sweatshirts. You can create designs for the pockets and elbow patches, and offer them options for bling or popular graphics customizations. They can make their choices from the select options to have a piece crafted just for them. This may be a game-changer for those customers who love wearing their own designs. 

For several reasons, fleece sweatshirts could be a great addition to your clothing store’s brand. They have immense customer appeal. Their matchability makes them a near must-have for just about everyone’s wardrobe. For the clothing store owner, they are a steady source of income as they are able to meet market demand. By adding your touch of creativity and good marketing, these shirts are sure to get your customers attraction. We hope that this article has given you some helpful ideas on how you can nudge your fleece sweatshirt collection up a notch.

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