5 Tips For First Time WordPress Bloggers To Succeed

Have you gone through your social feed only to see bloggers and influencers living the royal life?

Have you ever thought how they are able to travel to the best locations, get the best products and earn millions of dollars?

5 Tips For First Time WordPress Bloggers To Succeed 1

Do you aspire to lead a lifestyle that involves enjoying the good life at every stage of your work?

If you have ever thought of any of the above questions, you have come to the right article. In this article, we will help tell you about the best tips for first time WordPress Bloggers to succeed. 

In the article, I am going to help bloggers who have already set up their WordPress blogs scale up operations. If you are looking to set up your blog for the first time, you can check out another one of my articles. 

If you are interested in building up a follower base, earn through blogging and take up blogging as a full time profession, read on…

Why Blogging has become so successful?

As more and more people are coming online and exploring the digital, there is a demand that has suddenly emerged. What is this demand? 

This demand is for suitable and expert advice, suggestion and consultation from people who are original, not celebrities. 

The rise of industry authority bloggers and social media influencers is because people relate to them more than they do with actors, sportsmen and other celebs. 

If someone considers and looks at you as normal and authentic, they are more willing to listen to you. Almost all industries are now working with bloggers who command massive influence, traffic figures and exposure. 

With quality content playing such a big role, bloggers are looking to be as authentic and professional as possible. The rise of Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and other sources of monetization, means bloggers are now earning serious money!

5 Tips for First Time WordPress Bloggers: The List

Build your own Credibility and Personal Branding Online-

Writing great and informative articles is your foundation. I am not taking anything against that. However, blogging is as much about networking as it is about writing content. Unless you work on your personal branding, people are not going to give you the attention and respect you deserve. 

This means maintaining an active social media profile and regularly posting on it. You also need to follow and engage with some of the most authoritative voices in your industry. In addition, guest posting on reputable blogs is a great way of growing your audience and branding. 

I will give you a challenge. Work on your personal branding until the point that the first two pages of search results on your name are about you!

Create Quality Content on your Blog and Social Media Pages-

Creating quality content does not only mean writing SEO friendly informative and entertaining content. Content means creating images, videos, infographics, live sessions and other media. You need to use these and then weave your content so that the content becomes complete and wholesome. 

Most bloggers think that blog content is all that matters. However, that is not the case. Your content process on social media is equally important. The aim of any successful blogger should be to also be a social media influencer. 

A blogger typically looks to remain restricted to website blogging. However, the best ones are both expert bloggers and have wonderful websites and high rated social media influencers. If you are able to blend the dual qualities of being a blogger and influencer, you have hit jackpot!

Explore Monetization Options right from the Get-Go-

Most bloggers make the mistake of waiting to monetize until they have a sizable content database. I would request you to avoid this bad practice. If you are not looking to monetize immediately, someone else will. 

For starters, you should start looking at Content Marketing agencies that offer great prices for collaborations. You can maintain the quality of the content, moderate it and set content guidelines. 

I keep stressing on earning revenues right from the start, as it would act as a source of motivation and help you scale up your business. For example, once you start earning, you can use that to invest in building your video team, or anything else that you set as a priority. 

Utilise Guest Posting for Exposure, Personal Branding and Relationship Building-

A first time blogger can explore many digital marketing strategies. However, the best strategy that contributes to traffic, branding and networking is guest posting. Guest posting is one of the top strategies that expert bloggers and influencers follow in 2019. 

In addition to generating website traffic to your new blog site, it helps in building relationships. If you want to be a successful blogger, you will need to do networking and build relationships with the best in the business. 

This will help you learn from them get exposure and grow your blog site through ideas, collaborations and help. An expert guest posting service agency will help you establish contact, seed content and build relationships. 

Optimise Content for SEO (Please Do Not Ignore SEO at any cost!)-

Writers, especially when they are starting out, tend to focus more on creativity and flair. I am not saying that they should not. However, at the end of the day, you need to create content that people are searching for. This means you need to optimise your WordPress blog for search engines. 

A great SEO strategy is the foundation for any successful website. It is always a good idea to know the basics of keyword research, readability analysis and other SEO variables. This will help you tailor make your content not only for users, but also for Google. 

There is a misconception that it is difficult to understand something as technical as SEO. In fact, that is not at all the case. Rather, it is easy, given WordPress’ plugins like SEO Yoast. There are many keyword tools on the market, which you can use. Building your knowledge at all times should always be a priority. 


By following the above 5 tips for first time WordPress Bloggers, you will ensure that you grow faster than your competitors. Blogging can be the most rewarding experience in the world. However, almost all successful bloggers will speak of their challenges and hardships. 

Being a blogger or a social media influencer is not an easy task. It requires hard work, dedication, commitment, expertise and innovative ideas. If you thought blogging was easier than your last 9-5 job, your bubble is about to burst soon.

5 Tips For First Time WordPress Bloggers To Succeed 3
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