How to make images or photos funny with Gif effects online?

Just before we begin, checkout our most popular article about how to create funny cartoon faces online. You might have seen your friends shot photos with famous celebrities or with background of Paris, England, Scotland or Switzerland even when they have never been there!! Yeah, there are many online tools of websites who does this very funny photo effects for you in a blink of an eye. I was in search of such websites and I’ve listed the best among them here. Enjoy! If I’ve missed any sites/tools that might be out there, please post a comment letting others know.

Here’s the list of sites that let you make this funny photo effects:

  • – Make funny photos by embedding your face from the photo to the various templates.
  • Picartia – Here you can create a photo mosaic of your choice for free.
  • Hairmixer – In this site you can start mixing hairs of different faces from available choices.
  • Photo505
  • Yearbook Yourself – Turn your face photo into yearbook alike black & white old school photo. The service is paused and will be back this Summer.
  • Magmypic – Create different fake magazine covers from your photos.
  • Your own Wired Cover – This is another service which allows you to create your own Wired magazine cover. Customized everything from titles, colors to photos.
  • Hollywood Hair Makeover – Get celebrity hair to your photo.
  • Write On It – This has the combination of all. Create fake pictures, captions and fake magazines and other funny jokes.
  • Dumpr – Here you can create multiple funny effects from your normal photo.
  • Anymaking – Upload any photo and you can make it like old black and white or  “Wanted” notice and other puzzle effects with your photo.
  • Montagraph – Making use of their face recognition technology, this site offers several fun effects you can play with your photos. Included are Celebrity Morph, Look-alike Meter, Celebrity Collage and Tag Photos.
  • PiZap
  • My Heritage
  • Letter James
  • Imagechef – Unlimited customization! funny effects and express them wherever you want.
  • Funny Photos
  • Frontpage
  • Fake Magazine Cover
  • Personalized money

Apart from this I found another unique photo effect which is far more funny than all the above.This site is based on Morons. Yummy and funny right?

If I’ve missed any sites/tools that might be out there, please post a comment letting others know.