6 Essential Tips For Creating Viral Videos

The Internet is a platform for people from all sorts of backgrounds. It spins a huge amount of money every single passing hour. It is a money making platform that isn’t just limited to local possibilities. Blogging, e-commerce, services, and entertainment – You just name it and you’ll get paid (if recognized)! However, if you are particularly aiming towards launching a viral video that you want millions to see, here’s the opportunity for you to learn how to build viral videos!

1. Foundation 

Create a tough foundation or base for your idea. It should have a quarter of creativity and equal parts of clarity, right timing and audience.

If the idea behind a video is not a hit, you will not be successful in creating viral videos. A maximum of such videos have one thing in common – They are all too good to be liked or too bad to be cringed upon. That’s what makes them popular. They just can’t be forgotten.

2. Keep Your Content Short

It is simple logic – The longer your video, the harder you’ll have to fight to keep your audience’s attention. Most viral videos are under 180 seconds. In fact, the most popular “vines” such as “kid on crack” are barely 15 seconds.

3. Title Optimization

Your video is going to get the highest clicks just from the title’s description. A boring title makes it dull, so rather choose an interesting odd title. Like for example a video of your pet dog barking constantly can be named “dog getting possessed by Satan” rather than just ” dog barking crazily”. So, keep your title catchy and distinctive and make it a big hit viral video!

4. Video Thumbnail

A video’s thumbnail is the top-most reasons to draw in more or less clicks. If your content is valuable, then the viewers will stick throughout the video. But, a good start to receive a click could be with an interesting thumbnail.

(Thumbnail is a small shot of your viral video. You may even choose which shot you would like to choose for representing your video.)

5. YouTube Isn’t The Limit For You

We can settle for youtube’s popularity for videos. However, statistics say that YouTube’s visitor ranking is lesser as compared to Facebook and Google. Different sites like Vimeo, DailyMotion, Hulu and much more could be your targeted ones.

6. Flawless Uploading

Completion of the video is followed by its successful upload. Uploading holds in a lot of essential steps besides just title and description. We are going to list all of them:

  • Submit subtitles and closed captions.
  • Add tags to your video.
  • Assess your content and think of the most relevant tags that are fit for your audience.
  • Choose overlays. Text boxes that appear while your video is playing could be useful to request for subscriptions or feedbacks.
  • Evaluate well and trim the excess!

Everything takes time and patience so don’t be too hard on yourself. Don’t feel discouraged if you do not receive what you expected. The Internet is a massive space, someday it’s going to happen.

Share your opinions with us! We would love to hear you!

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