Top 10 Ways to Increase Your Blog’s Audience

Increasing traffic for your site is not a rocket science. Using effective tactics, you can increase your audience. Creating great content and attracting more people go hand in hand. Without good content, you’d hardly get any positive response from users and even if you have a good customer relationship, you need to maintain that to not lose hold of them. Amazing content not only spreads your message but drives more traffic to your site helping you with customer retention. Follow these simple tips to increase blog audience / traffic for your blog.

how to increase blog audience
How to increase blog audience

Build An Email List:

It is one of the important aspects of email marketing as you can offer your service and notify users simply by emailing them. Before posting your blog you could make them aware of it prior to publishing it so that users can wait patiently and don’t miss your content. Email marketing can generate more traffic as your email list will only increase and not decrease. Even though there may be some fluctuation in traffic but you have a database of users and you can always email them.

Publish On a Consistent Schedule:

For having audiences for your blog you need to publish at regular intervals. But that doesn’t mean you should anything just for the sake of publishing it. Post relevant and succinct contents that are useful for users. Don’t publish every other day but publish blogs at least twice a week. As long as users get some informative blogs, they would be on the lookout for them. They would wait for your blogs with anxious. But, if they don’t see any new content for a long time, then the probability of them returning is negligible.

Submit Your Blogs To Search Engines:

Search Engines are a great way of boosting your web traffic or to increase blog audience. The more search engine friendly your blog will be the easier it will be for users in finding it and more your blog will rank higher. Submit your blog’s URL to search engines to notify them of your new blog so that these search engines will crawl it and will include pages in their results. Having the chance of being picked up by search engines will let users notice your blog.

Influence Social Influencers:

You could appreciate others efforts simply put, include blogs of other social influencers that are reckoned for their content. Incorporating social influencers into your blog post will add more credibility to your content and the thought leader may be inclined to promote your blog. This way, you not only attract your own audience but their influencer’s audience too. The key is to get influencers to write for you. Reaching out to bloggers in your niche with the largest social followers and making them contribute to writing for you would help you get the audience to your blogs.

Promoting Blog Through Social Media:

Social networking sites are a great way of promoting your blogs especially if you want it at an instant. Share every blog post that you come up across your social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. The more time you spend promoting your content on social media the more sources of traffic you’ll have. You can join Forums, Online groups, Web rings on social networking sites where you can share ideas with other like-minded people. Every time you post in these discussion groups or participate in another online network add a link to your blog increasing the probability of people clicking it.

Increase Blog Audience through Guest Blogging:

Apart from writing for yourself, write for others too. You can write for some sites that are bigger than yours having more followers. The benefit of Guest Blogging is that at the end of the blog there’s an author bio section that describes yourself and includes a link that redirects to your site. To make guest blogging work, try to only guest blog on blogs that are more popular than yours; look for blogs with tens, or hundreds, of thousands of subscribers and submit your guest post to them.

Harness The Power Of RSS Feeds:

Setting up an RSS feed button on your blog makes it easy for your loyal readers to not just read your blog but also know when you publish new content.

Use Links and Trackbacks:

Links make your blog get noticed by search engines. Linking helps to get you noticed by other bloggers that are eager to know who the sites linking them. This may result in having new readers for your blogs or adding links to your blog from other sites. Either way, it’s a win-win situation for you. You can move a step forwards by leaving a trackback on other blogs to let them know that you’ve liked their contents. Blogs that allow trackbacks will include a link back to your blog in the comments section of the post that you originally linked to. People do click on trackback links!

Submit Your Posts To Social Bookmarking Sites:

Submitting your posts to Social Bookmarking sites is one of the most powerful tools to quickly boost your web traffic. You can consider sites such as Digg, Newsana,, StumbleUpon, Technorati, Delicious, Reddit,, Ebaumsworld, Newsvine and much more.

Include Visual Content and Videos:

People would engage more if your blogs are engaging enough. Apart from useful information, you can include infographics, images, videos, tutorials for giving users reasons for staying on your site.

You can increase your blog’s audience merely following these simple steps. Although, there a myriad of other suggestions and effective methods for driving your blog’s traffic/ to increase blog audience. Which other techniques you use for or recommend? Kindly share in the comments section below.

Guest post by – Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is an ed-tech enthusiast and has been associated with CWS Technology as a writer for more than 5 Years. CWS is the leading web development company that also provides android, iPhone, WordPress Development services and other IT solutions. Jessica has a passion for writing on emerging technologies like application management outsourcing, consulting, system integration etc and this post extensively covers on you can effectively increase blog audience / traffic for your blog.

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