Importance of RSS feed for a Blog

RSS, standing for “really simple syndicate” , can account for a massive boost for your blog if you mold it in the right way. It basically spreads or rather publishes your content to automatically and your subscribers can read it with ease. This can bring about a massive change in traffic to your blog and increase the value of your blog for the subscribers.

To simply explain RSS, it’s like knowing that you can find something interesting to watch on a TV channel than to look out for new movies by visiting the local video store. There is no risk of email spam too, as you can just unsubscribe if you think they are spamming you or you are simply bored.

RSS began as RDF Site Summary in the late 1990s. It was used to publish frequently updates or new content, blog entries or comments for example.

Whenever you post something, it will send your content (or a snippet/extract) straight into their inbox. This assures that they never miss a post (specially if you write too fast) and they check back for new posts. This will also encourage them to respond to your posts. Most blogs provide a subscription option in their sidebars as a move to increase the subscriber base.

Example of a Subscription Form


Importance of RSS Feed


RSS benefits both webmasters and readers. It is crucial to have a strong subscriber base because :

  1. You can make sure that your content is read by all your subscribers and they never miss a post
  2. It can be a way to communicate with your audience
  3. If for some reason they forget to read your blogs, your content will safely reach their inbox!
  4. It is rumored that it benefits S.E.O. too **
** Not being an expert myself, i can not guarantee this.


Advantages to your readers:

  1. They stay updated
  2. There is not any risk of being spammed (if so, you can unsubscribe)
  3. It saves their time of visiting your blog again & again to check for content
  4. They have more confidence in your blog

Every blog needs an RSS feed because it is a great way to get information to subscribers without having to send them individually. It needs no extra work, save putting in your email to subscribe. However if you write too frequently, it may flood your reader’s inbox which may not please them at all. Please Subscribe to my RSS feed if you liked this post!

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