5 Pro Tips for converting Social Media Audience into Customers

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    5 Pro Tips for converting Social Media Audience into Customers 1
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    Social Media Audience
    Social Media Audience

    Social media has revolutionized the way companies do their businesses these days. While establishing a business presence is of utmost importance for all companies, they often fall short when it comes to converting their social media audience into potential customers. Does this mean that businesses which have a strong social media presence have no use of their fans and followers? That’s not entirely the case; at the end of the day, companies and businesses alike need to follow a few basic rules.

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     To convert their social media audience into customers.

    • Have a strong call to action: Sharing content on social media pages can bring a lot of visibility for your brand. However, if a strong call to action is missing in your content, chances are customers might never really know what you want from them. No matter if you want your customers to view your latest product’s demo or you want them to come and visit your brand’s newest collection if you don’t tell your customers what you want from them, chances are they would not do it. A good call to action can go a long way in helping you convert a lot of visitors into sure shot customers’.


    • Send subscriptions to customers: Social media is all about staying in touch with your customers. Say, your business is selling designer clothes. It’s the launch of your new season collection; while launching it on your social media pages is definitely a good idea, sending out updates via email is definitely going to help you seal the deal. But how does a brand inform customers through email subscriptions? For this very reason, it’s imperative to have an email subscription deal ready on your social media pages, so that visitors who are regularly following your brand can register their email address for regular notifications.


    • Create a customized landing page for your social media audience: Landing pages are the easiest to prepare and help your visitors get a glimpse into what you are really offering to them. Many a time, when visitors are in a hurry, they don’t want to get into the nitty-gritty of what you have to offer on your websites. This way, by showcasing the latest offerings on your company’s landing page, you can attract customers on the go.


    • Video networking works well a call to action: If you thought that only your content should have a good, strong call to action, then you are mistaken. If video marketing is your brand’s preferred source of advertisement, you should really go ahead and cinch the deal with a call to action at the end of the video too. Better still, if you are able to provide a detailed call to action in your video’s description so that customers are immediately directed to the landing pages without too many hassles.


    • Respond to customer enquiries: Like a good stock marketing technique, keeping a track of your customer’s needs is of utmost importance. Since there is a lot of volatility in the stock market also, wherein you have to keep managing your portfolio investments regularly; similarly, you need to be on a lookout for your customer enquiries also. By following up regularly with your customers, you create a level of trust, which when maintained, converts your visitors into loyal customers for your brand in the long run.

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