5 Ways to Increase Chances of Success for Your Company Using Social Media:

Social media has become an integral part of everyone’s life and social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter Google+ etc. play a great role in the success of today’s business. Social media play a vital role in important business processes like advertisement, marketing, sales, promotion and branding. This article discusses various ways to use social media for enhancing the sales of your company and promoting your products among users around the globe.

Social Media brand marketing

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Attract New Customers:

Social media can be a great resource to promote your product among new customers and you should be able to identify your target customers through it. All social media websites have separate tools for conducting marketing campaigns to promote your product/service. For example, Facebook allows you to create pages about your product/service and promote it among target customers. Twitter also has promotional tweets and advertising campaigns to help business reach the customers. If you provide Business to Business (B2B) solutions, you can use LinkedIn Groups or Twitter for achieving the same. For visual advertisements, video sharing websites like YouTube can be used.  All these social media websites can help you to find new customers and expand your business quickly. You should plan what you really want to achieve through social media and set goals accordingly. Also you should decide which platform is suitable for your marketing campaign.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys through Social Media:

Social media provides a great platform to interact with your target customers. You can use them as a tool to conduct online surveys and get feedback from your customers on existing products/services. This can help you understand the situation of competitors and also likes/dislikes of the customers. By spotting the changing market trends, you can alter your business strategy and develop new product/service to suit customer requirements. All these can be achieved by engaging with your target customers through social media. Social media is considered as one of the best tools for managing and improving customer service. Based on research it’s found that one among three customers; prefer social media for customer service compared to phone or E-mail. You can see customers sharing their experience about products/services through comments in Facebook or Twitter. This not only helps you to understand pulse of existing customers, but also to attract new customers.

Conduct Innovative Marketing Campaigns:

Social media allows you to explore new fields and attract target customers from across the globe. You should add creativity and innovation to the contents you post in social media websites. Whether you wish to improve traffic to your website or increase sales or promote new products, only if organize and conduct creative ad campaigns you will be able to succeed in your goals. Whatever pages or advertisements you create on social media should be visually appealing and creative to get the attention of visitors.

Use Social Media for Research on Competitors:

Social media has wider audience and is one of the best ways to research your industry and find out current market trends. You should go through your competitor’s social media pages and see what they are posting about. Find out what customers are talking about your product as well as competitor’s products. Use the statistical data from social media to spot changing market trends. By doing so, you can improve your products/services according to market requirements and have a winning edge over your competitors.

Learn From the Experts:

Some brands and companies have achieved tremendous success through social media. Read the success stories of such businesses and gather ideas from them. For example, Starbucks managed to get 1.3 million followers in Twitter which increased their overall sales and revenue. Try to find out the marketing strategies of such companies and incorporate them in your business.

5 Ways to Increase Chances of Success for Your Company Using Social Media: 1
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