Top Ranked Blog Directories to submit your Blog

Did you know that every single second a blog is created in this blogosphere , It seems like blogs control the continuous flow of internet traffic in this world. To have Googles Juice of SER (Search Engine Results),  It would be a very good idea to submit your blog to Blog Directories with high Page rank.

Search engine rankings has come to a level where your anchor text and the amount of links you get matter the most.
Even before the blogs coming into scene or Google was in power, webmasters would submit their websites to as many directories as possible to get any traffic they can. It can still be used today to increase your Google PageRank value by submitting to directories without nofollow in their links: SEO Friendly Blog Directories.

If you know more Just drop your comments and I’ll update this post on your name on credits!
Top Ranked Blog Directories to submit your Blog 1
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