How to take your email marketing to the next level

Although social media, content and video advertising have become far more popular in the past few years, email marketing remains one of the most effective tools when it comes to conversions. More companies are starting to look beyond the simplistic objectives of advertising, such as increased visibility, moving toward strategies that have the top goal of attaining the highest possible conversion rates.

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Email marketing is just as difficult to perfect as it is important to have within a corporate advertising strategy. The major risk of these pursuits if that the communications can be annoying, viewed as spam or generally degrade the brand image in current and prospective clientele’s eyes. However, with enough knowledge and a well-informed approach to email advertising, enterprises can enjoy a variety of benefits.

The power of email marketing

To understand the opportunities email-based advertising strategies present, one must first know some of the statistics associated with the technique. Merkle conducted a study that found nearly three-quarters of today’s consumers would rather receive advertising content and communications through emails than other channels, while more than 90 percent of the population checks their email accounts at least once a day.

However, while there is certainly opportunity in this pursuit, marketers must remember that Forrester Research estimated that 838 billion emails containing commercial information were sent in 2013 alone. This means that companies must take a more unique and tailored approach to ensure their messages stand out from the rest. Furthermore, the emails must be optimized for mobile, as few recipients will pay attention to the communication when the visual appeal is not on point.

Finally, one study revealed that email marketing has an average return on investment rate of 4,300 percent.

How to capitalize

Several trends have emerged in email marketing throughout the past several years, especially as digital advertising has diversified and picked up steam in a variety of regions. Here are several ways in which businesses can capitalize on the potential benefits of email marketing:

  • Personalization:  This process begins with knowing the customer, and ends with completing the proper packaging methods for the communication. More companies are starting to personalize marketing emails, making it closer to an industry standard than a novel technique. With adequate research and an attention to detail, personalization can drive email marketing success.

  • First impression:  As is the case with any marketing communication, the brand has only a short window of time to make a good impression with the recipient. Poor subject lines in the marketing emails will often lead to fewer customers reading further. Marketers should become skilled at crafting engaging, catchy and informative subject lines to ensure the overall message is read.

  • Integration: Stand-alone advertising strategies and investments are going extinct, as integration becomes a more common approach to brand management. Email marketing should be properly integrated with other practices, including social media and content, to ensure a consistent and preferable brand image in every communication sent.

With the right amount of foresight and planning, email marketing strategies can quickly improve a company’s returns on other advertising investments.

How to take your email marketing to the next level 1
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