4 Reasons Why AI Won’t Replace Human Beings

Several recent reports indicate that in the next years, a large portion of human labor will be replaced by automatons and robots. Many people are concerned that excessive research and development in the field of artificial intelligence may result in a huge job crisis, since various tasks may be performed more correctly and effectively with the use of machines. The intimidation is palpable, to say the least, with significant figures like Stephen Hawking warning the world that the growth of robots and intelligent machines beyond a certain point might spell the end of humanity. Is it all real, though? Is it conceivable for machines to take the place of humans entirely? Is it truly true that people would be unable to find work in the future decades since all tasks will be undertaken by automatons and intelligent machines? No, I don’t think so. In many cases, a machine, in my opinion, will never be able to entirely replace a human being.

AI Won't Replace Humans

4 Reasons Why AI Won't Replace Human Beings 1
Ayushi Thakur
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