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“It’s my dream to wear the uniform, I am really passionate to join the army”- Devir Singh Bhandari

Indian Entrepreneur Author and Filmmaker Devir Singh Bhandari is the Chairman and Vice President of the DSB Group- which is an amalgamation of 6 ventures(DSB Entertainment, DSB Foundation, Snocon Securitas, RU, Klover, and KKB Cranes).  

Following his passion and love for film-making he started his own production house and received the Human Achievers Award for Excellence in Film-making by the Honourable Mr. Madan Mohan Mittal, Minister of Industry, Punjab. His parents motivated and inspired him from a young age to dream big which led him to draw his creative energy and the inspiration he got from the late Mr. Yash Chopra paved his way into the right direction.

Devir Singh Bhandari

At such a young age, he has been awarded the INDIAN ACHIEVER OF THE YEAR 2019- at The National Business Summit & Awards held in New Delhi, India.

Coming from a defense background Devir Singh Bhandari is a man of many passions with film-making being his heart and biking his heartbeat. He is setting the benchmark for future generations by being a trailblazer in fields which are so in contrast to each other. The most recent project of Devir Singh Bhandari was the book written by him called Yuva Bharat, which has been a huge hit with the youth of our country.

1. How did you manage to be an entrepreneur, a writer, and a filmmaker at such a young age?

It’s definitely very difficult but I would like to thank my army genes for that, my father and both my grandfathers were in the army and I have definitely acquired some qualities from them. I have learned how to handle solutions and especially multitasking, being a filmmaker is definitely my passion, and I love raising important issues through my films.

2. What was the vision in your mind while starting the DSB group?

The DSB group was started in 2015, and in 2013 I completed my education at Amity University, Noida and after that, I went for an internship at Yashraj Films, I took a leap of faith step just like any other youngster wanting to do his own thing and started the DSB group with my own production house and my first film was Celebrating Life which was based on Cancer awareness, a very sensitive topic and I am glad I took that step, as I believe it was the first step I took towards achieving my vision of making a societal impact.

 3. What are the current projects you are focusing on in the DSB group? Would you elaborate on that?

Yes currently we are working on a very interesting project, it’s a T.V show based on the Indian army and we are trying to encourage people to join the army because it definitely impacts their life making them very strong physically, mentally and emotionally. 

In terms of foundation, as you know we are focusing on the foot forest garden, road safety, health and awareness and I am personally focusing on the environment issue as we would take this forward and create a go green campaign and we are also planning on a lot of awareness campaigns regarding this issue.

In my personal life, as I have become an author now, I am meeting different authors, and I am enjoying the fame part a little, so yes it does feel really special.

We are also trying to organize a Youth Conclave in Delhi where the youth of the nation can express and talk about the issues, fundamental duties and voice their opinions regarding everything.

The pandemic was definitely tough for a lot of people around me, we formed a healthcare company, Klover Health Care was formed last year, we provided a lot of sanitizers, and we created a lot of job opportunities for people who lost their jobs because of the pandemic.

4. With the pandemic what were the things which affected the DSB group and you as an entrepreneur, how did you take things in your personal life?

We donated a lot of masks to the warriors of corona, we came up with a lot of new and unique ideas, because the war is not over yet, and I will definitely make films on the OTT platform so that it’s easily accessible to people and thus maintaining social distancing too!

5. How do you plan to establish a connection with the youth and the next generation to come with your movies/documentaries?

The Army definitely attracts the youth, so that is my first plan of action, maybe focusing on a regiment or a life series, I would love to collaborate with people who feel for the nation and it would definitely be a great experience to be able to impact the youth with our work.

6. It must be tough carrying the legacy of your family’s deeply rooted military background being an entrepreneur writer and a filmmaker?

Yes I do have a lot of weight to take forward, especially with the responsibility i have by being the author of Yuva Bharat, and I would love to join the army, it is like a dream to me, generations in my family have been serving the Indian Army, so I respect them a lot and I am preparing for the exams to join the Territorial Army for which i will be taking an year off as it’s a tough exam you need to have a very good GK for that.

It’s definitely my dream to wear the uniform and serve India, and I would be really happy if I could inspire some youngsters out there!

Quote by Devir Singh Bhandari
Quote by Devir Singh Bhandari

7. What role has technology played in your journey, how do you plan on using Social Media Marketing in your industry?

You are right, digital platforms have made our life super easy and have played a huge role in all of our professional and personal journeys , it is easier to connect with people now, we all can try bringing in a micro change through social media, it’s like the best thing because small changes give rise to a bigger impact eventually.

I am sure everything will get digital in the near future, maybe interviewing people over Instagram could be one thing as we have seen through Instagram Live stories, and it’s becoming more real and definitely useful.

Quote by Devir Singh Bhandari
Quote by Devir Singh Bhandari

8. We know you are an avid biker too! As a youngster, I would want to know what were your dreams related to traveling?

This is the question I have been waiting for. I would like to share a small story, so my dad was placed in North east and the terrain there is very rough and unsafe, and that was my first ride with the bullet for two hours straight, also being my first road trip to North-East, I went through a lot of emotions, and I was scared but again it was a very empowering moment for me and I was so happy with this achievement once I completed the ride.

The idea of Road Safety came from there, so now I wear proper gears, at least a helmet is compulsory, since then I have traveled to very beautiful places having dream-like sceneries so there have been lots of experiences which I remember from my trips that have given me the learnings of my life.

Having a Harley Davidson  was one of my dreams and that also came true so I am the happiest with that, it’s the small things which makes people happy.

9. What are your suggestions to young entrepreneurs who are about to start their journey in business?

This is the best time to do what you want to do right now. Just be on it, be determined, do your homework and most importantly PLAN your work. Try to make sure that you make an impact socially in the society and the country, so be focused and don’t let your dreams die

10. You started a venture of Snocon Securitas which is related to security so what was your motive behind it?

So, honestly this was my dad’s dream to run a security company, so we are on it, we would be launching it in a month, the digital campaigns would start soon and we have planned to train guards starting with 100 right now and slowly and steadily increasing the number in the next 5 years.

11. What’s your future vision for the DSB group?

As a group, we are working to bring things to Delhi, I really wish Delhi has its own film city, being the capital of our country, I am pretty sure it would help a lot of people with their jobs, and I am personally interested in teaching people, so I would love to take a lot of interns under me.

12. What role does technology play in the film-making industry?

Technology does play a very important role now, the AR and VR part of film-making is very important. Few examples like Life of Pi, Jungle Book and Tanhaji- these movies have some excellent graphics.

So yes, technology is now the king in film-making too.

Quote by Devir Singh Bhandari
Quote by Devir Singh Bhandari

13. What are the devices that you use in your daily life?

I am an Apple freak, I have two iPhones, and I also own an iMac which is used for editing for Film Projects, I wear an Apple watch too it’s easy to use and I use the Macbook for office work.

But on a personal note I love my iMac. It’s super easy and can be made to use in a variety of things.

14. How important is creating a business model which has creativity, can earn money and is able to create an impact?

It’s very difficult actually, to create something impactful that’s profitable and at the same time stimulates your creativity, but I am glad these three things are directly proportional to each other when we are working towards achieving the goal of DSB Group and these things really help, you can create so many job opportunities, and there are so many ideas, what makes it stand out is how you implement them.

15. How is your Rejuvenating You (RU) venture coming up which you launched during the pandemic?

It’s coming up really nicely, We are into luxury essential commodities like soaps, shampoo and essential oils. It’s a great market, I have got very specific clients and most importantly, it smells good!(laughs)

16. What drives you to keep moving ahead?

My passion is politics, because there you can start to bring a change. I would love to take that responsibility, and make people happy and help India to become an even more beautiful and powerful country.

This was a short insight into the interview we had with Mr. Devir Singh Bhandari, tell us in the comment section what inspired you the most!

Quote by Devir Singh Bhandari
Quote by Devir Singh Bhandari
Devir Singh Bhandari

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