Checkout The First-Ever Floating Apple Store

Apple Marina Bay Sands, the first-ever floating Apple store will exhibit its grand opening on 10th Sept 2020. Standing on the exquisite water site of Singapore’s Marina Bay, Apple’s latest is the third retail store in Singapore, which is a marvellous sphere. 

This glass dome fully self-supported and tethered architecture is a stable structure that lies in the midst of Singapore’s glorified hotels, and shops. It embellishes a panoramic view of Singapore’s authentic Skyline.

floating Apple store
Apple’s Floating Store in Singapore.

Apple stores like their products have always accorded the best designs. Apple stores have delivered the architectural structures that have grabbed awards for creativity and inventiveness. The uniqueness of the Apple store is that they form an epitome of the culture in that specific location and connect to the thoughts of the local people. 

Apple’s 512th retail store worldwide, Apple Marina Bay Sands is no exception to this rule. Apple Ginza, Tokyo, Apple store in Dubai, Apple Regent Street store in England are a few magnificent Apple stores that bring out the novel and creative designs of Apple.

The Apple Orchard Road was the first Apple Store in Singapore at the Knightsbridge building on Orchard Road. It was also the first Apple Store in South-east Asia. Apple’s second store in Singapore was inaugurated in July last year that is located at Jewel Changi Airport.

Checkout The First-Ever Floating Apple Store 1

Like the other outstanding Apple store designs, this new delicately beautiful glass structure stands rigid on the waterfront and presents an architectural treat for the visitors! The architecture is inspired by the Pantheon in Rome. Constructed from 114 individual glass pieces put together in a dome by 10 vertical mullions, it appears to be first-of-its-kind construction. 

Checkout The First-Ever Floating Apple Store 2

An oculus stationed at the apex of the dome brings in the shine of the reflected Sun rays, illuminating the whole structure. The inside of the glass dome is quilted with custom baffles, each uniquely shaped to retaliate light angles and provide a beautiful dusk lighting effect. The night sky delivers a whole different story as jaw-dropping as the sunny sky! 

Checkout The First-Ever Floating Apple Store 3

The place provides augmented shading and subtle ambiance with the array of trees lined in the interior of the dome. It looks as if the green garden city of Singapore is carved in the dome of harmony.  

Checkout The First-Ever Floating Apple Store 4

Apple stores worldwide are customized with friendly people and provide the best shopping experience around the globe. The customers can explore curated Apple products and accessories assisted with all specifications and features received by personal technical support.  Well, even the visitors can stop by and simply take in the stunning view of Marina Bay. 

Apple’s decision to build its 3rd store is taken as an affirmation of the tech giant’s affinity for Singapore. Apple definitely is looking forward to long-term success in Singapore, as confirmed by Deirdre O’Brien, Apple’s Senior Vice President for Retail and People.

“We couldn’t be more excited to open the breathtaking Apple Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, building on our commitment to this special place that began more than 40 years ago,” added Deirdre O’Brien.

Checkout The First-Ever Floating Apple Store 5

A Video Wall staging the ‘Today at Apple’ sessions is centred in the Forum that will supposedly feature Singapore’s artists, musicians, and creators. Apple announced that nearly 150 employees would be welcoming the visitors to Apple Marina Bay Sands. Apple’s exuberant team can speak around 23 different languages and are looking forward to the grand opening this Thursday. And now Apple Likely To Unveil New iPhone 5G Models In October 2020 (iPhone 12).

In addition to the special stage that is all set to feature Apple creatives,  the company’s first underwater Boardroom is all set in the first basement of the store,  featured for entrepreneurs and developers who are interested in receiving training & advice from the esteemed Apple team.

Apple Marina Bay Sands will still be executing the same uncompromising health and safety measures for both employees and customers, considering the current global pandemic situation, including a mask-wearing compulsion, temperature checks, and social distancing.

The store is conveyed to be open to the public from 10 am on Thursday. But the visits will be arranged by reservation only. Appointments are to be made on the Apple Marina Bay Sands portal.

From September 11 onwards all visitors and customers are allowed, without any prior appointments. Given the current scenario, Apple has taken measures to limit the maximum number of people within the store abided by all the safety measures. 

This splendid design and architecture are worth the appreciation and the warm welcome that the store is making it all the more special and humble. We hope Apple keeps making such marvellous spaces on the globe!

Checkout The First-Ever Floating Apple Store 11
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