Can I Get a Job With A Game Design Degree?

game design degree

With the way the world is heading at the moment, getting a job can be an extremely tough goal to set, but we all know that one of the most important things to consider is the job you are applying for. If you have a passion for something then that can really help, and pursuing a job in game design is a job for people who are extremely passionate about creating games. You can look for game designer jobs in San Francisco and express your creativity by developing a game together with other game developers.

A job in gaming you love?

Everyone loves video games, from the person who plays Angry Birds on their iPhone to the hardcore gamer playing custom maps on Call of Duty 4; gaming is part of many people’s lives. Deciding to take the step into design is a complete level changer, and even people who start off using the most basic of game design software will probably see their designs revolutionised by taking on a course in the subject of gaming development. The question has to be asked though; if you commit yourself to studying for a game design degree then can you really be sure that you will get a job at the end of it? Narrowing your options so much with a specific qualification such as gaming can be really critical to the job offers that you receive. Someone with a degree in such a subject can’t expect to be high on the list of the employer looking for his or her newest secretary for example.

Industry doubts over students

So what do the industry think of people who have completed a degree at the various game design schools across the globe? Recently Electronic Arts (EA) have claimed that they would prefer people did not qualify with a game design degree because it limited their focus and changed the quality of their work. If one of the big developers has come out in public and said this, then it is likely that smaller development teams will begin to think along the same kind of lines. Whilst to some it might be important to hold that bit of paper in their hand telling people that they are qualified, as new breed of game design software developers and designers is begin to emerge. It is almost like going back ten or fifteen years, people are now getting back into game design because their ideas are impressive, not just because they know how to code a game.

Don’t let yourself miss out on your game designer goals

Ultimately, of course having the necessary skills to do the job is the most important thing. When considering a career in game design, you need to be sure that you can design a game, code it and see it through to launch. These are all skills that developers will be looking for, and although you may find yourself in one niche you can always move positions. Having a degree in game design can help, of that there is no doubt, but having the passion for gaming is the most important thing of all. With that you can create great game ideas, design the new hit, and be on your way to gaming stardom. So think first about your job, do you already know enough? Or perhaps just take a course in a specific type of coding, or in creative thinking. After all, the one thing people want is an exciting, interesting game, and you certainly don’t need a degree to come up with a good idea.

About the author:  This article was written by James, who loves gaming and is interested in how gaining a qualification in gaming can improve job prospects.

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