The Need for a Phone System in this Increasingly Mobile World

In today’s iPhone and Android age, more people are relying on their cell phones than landlines as a way of communication. Cell phone companies are even encouraging the switch by charging cell phone users each time they call a landline number. However, there is one place where a landline trumps a cell phone any day: the work place.

Purchasing a telephone system for your office is not a waste of money. In fact, it’s a necessity. Here are three reasons why your business needs a phone system:

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Can You Hear Me Now?

Technology is still technology. You don’t want your business or your employees to be unreachable because the signal is terrible in your office. A business phone system is much more reliable than a cell phone when it comes to transferring calls, conducting teleconferences or video conferences.

In addition, call quality is much better on a landline than a cell phone, saving you the frustration of having to ask your client to repeat themselves, or even worse, having them ask you to repeat yourself. Communication is crucial for any business; having the right communication equipment is the first step.

Show Me the Money

In most offices, you can’t write off your employees’ cell phone bill as a business expense, unless you plan on sponsoring all your employees with company cell phones. However, if you invest in a phone system, then you’ve made a company investment that’s scalable as well as professional.

A new telephone system ranges between $1,500 to $5,000, depending on the size of your business, number of extensions, and what features the system has. In addition, the latest office phone systems include features that will help improve employee productivity such as: call forwarding, conferencing, call convergence and computer telephony integration. High-tech cell phones might just be a distraction because of all the fun apps employees can download.

It’s All about the Connections  

By using a small business phone system, you can set up professional work numbers for the company and for each of your employees. If each employee has the same area code and similar number, it depicts your business as a unit, and will ultimately help customers reach your business.

For example, if a customer dials the wrong cell phone number, their call will be directed to a completely random person. However, if they dial the wrong extension, they will be directed to a professional who can easily transfer their call.

Furthermore, office phone systems have features that are designed to simplify the calling the process: dial by name, dial by extension or dial from directory.  This will ensure that customers and employees are dialing the correct numbers, which will ultimately improve your business’ connectivity.

Cell phones are valuable to businesses, especially for employees who travel. However, telephone systems are a necessity for employees working in the office. Customers favor business phone systems because it guarantees that they will be connected to the right professional. Business owners favor phone systems because the feature helps employees stay productive. Cell phones may be “in” but landlines are definitely not “out.”


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