Minecraft’s Ultimate Curse of Binding Enchantment: How To Get, Apply and Remove It?


I know many of you are still not fully aware of Minecraft Curse of Binding Enchantment and the role of. It bothers the players of this game, so they need to comprehend it clearly and learn about the removal process. 

It is a very rare curse enchantment in Minecraft can really have an effect on the whole game. The players can use it but as a defense forcing the mobs to wear the Armor consisting of it. All the data mentioned here are relevant for all the versions and game modes of Minecraft like Minecraft dungeons, Java edition, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Pocket edition, and others.

What really happens in Minecraft’s Curse of Binding?

It is also known as treasure enchantment is often used by the players to keep the cursed items equipped with the player till the last moment of death, or the player makes an entry in the Creative Mode. Why is it called Curse? The main reason behind it is when the players of Survival Mode apply this Curse of Binding then the chest plate gets attached which is not at all advantageous for the players. Even several items gets broken like carved pumpkin,

How can you get access to it in Minecraft?

As it is one of the rarest Curse enchantments in Minecraft so one can find it difficult to obtain. The only thing to be kept in mind is that you can only possess it as a treasure item. The player can find it by fishing, raiding the rewards, Enchanted Books trading with the villagers or even in the treasure chests.

If you want that curse while fishing then you can probably use the Luck of the Sea Enchantment which will increase your probability of getting it to a great extent. You can find the treasure chests in Pyramids, Villages, Outposts, Temples and others.

Want to use the Curse of Binding? Here’s How

It is in Minecraft can be applied to the armor with the use of Anvil.


 All you need to do is insert your piece of armor in one slot along with it placed in the other one, so that you can jointly pull out the armor with Curse of Binding.

If you are thinking of how to craft an Anvil? Read this

It is quite a simple process to carry out. You just have put three iron blocks in the top row of the Crafting Table or the inventory. Now, in the middle slot you have to place an Iron Ingot and also you have to insert 3 in the bottom row of the crafting table.


How can one remove Minecraft’s Curse of Binding?

The release of this curse is the trickiest part where the player often gets confused how to get rid of Curse of Binding in Minecraft. Below here is represented some ways that you can check out in order to do the following:

  • The most effortless way that the player can opt is dying.
  • Other than that, the playing can also make their armor reach the level of zero leading it to break.
  •  Even the player can place the items in the chest and spend the available experience. Finally, then one can die to get rid of it.
  • In case if you are in Hardcore Minecraft then all you can do is wear the armor till it breaks

In the earlier version of Minecraft the player due to the presence of the bug it was easy to remove the curse of binding but in the update version of the Minecraft this is fixed so the player has to find different ways for the removal of the curse of binding enchantment.

Note for Bedrock Edition: 

In the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, players were not able to obtain the Cursed Enchanted book from the villagers which paves another way for the players to gain it. 

Can you put it on a bow?

No, the Curse of Binding cannot be applied on a bow. It can only be applied certain limited set of items and once applied it cannot be taken back until the item breaks or the player dies.
The list of items is:
1. Helmets
2. Elytra
3. Boots
4. Chestplates
5. Leggings

I hope this article was successful in providing you all the essential information about it. You can share this with your friends, gaming partners or others so that they can know fully about these interesting topic.

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