15 Cool Free Games on Steam You Shouldn’t Miss

Playing video games on PC is relishing for many who are bored by their sluggish, monotonous way of living. It adds thrill and charges you up enormously. It stimulates your brain and acts as a stress buster.  Rightly said, “Getting addicted to anything is too dangerous.” The same applies to game addiction. Once you start loving it, you want to get more and more out of it at the cost of shedding away your pockets. We can resolve this dilemma, by enlisting fifteen mind-shattering best free games on Steam and that too all free of charge. You can play these games non-stop and for hours together. These games can pique your interest to peak by their fantastic graphic designs, spectacular options for customization, etc.

Best free games on Steam

Steam is created by Valve as a center to distribute games and video games digitally. Steam is famous worldwide. Three things you must learn about Steam is:

  1. It has a wide variety of free, engaging video games.
  2. It installs and automatically updates games on users PC or another console
  3. It has exciting community features like in-game chat, voice functionality, cloud storage, friend lists, and groups.

Here’s the list of highly rated best free games on Steam, 11th game is unbelievable.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive(CS: GO):

Counter Strike:GO
best free games on steam

This is the 1st game in the list of 15 best free games on Steam. Valve’s Classic counter-strike was the first game ever played on PC by most of us. It was the most popular game that ruled the gaming world for almost 19 years. CS: GO is the updated version that reveals a new collection of characters armed with spectacular weapons. You can spend hours together exploring different jaw-dropping gaming modes, all having a unique experience.  

Dota 2 :

Dota 2
best free games on steam

It is a mind-blowing constantly evolving MOBA game. An eclectic roster of dynamic heroes is alluring for players worldwide. It gives the flexibility to design your hero and empower them with a variety of powers available. It hones your talent to decide the strategy for battle with players all around the globe on the battlefield.

Destiny 2:

Destiny 2
best free games on steam

This fun-filled audacious game empowers you to act as a foremost gunman in the battle. You can use thrilling solar and natural element’s power to defeat your enemy, which makes this game very captivating.

You can choose exotic weapons and vary your looks. The unique feature is an engaging, cinematic storyline that engages users for hours together. You can enjoy playing it in PvP mode with your friends as the guardian or PvE mode alone.


best free games on steam

It is a thrilling game where you can create your war-field, get equipped with flamethrowers, katanas, crossbows, and other weapons to sabotage your enemies. It gives you a perfect virtual platform where you act as militant, making your strategies and initiating gun blazing and underwater torpedo fights.


best free games on steam

Make your get-togethers enthusiastic and energetic by this Blue Mammoth’s weird brawling game. In this, you are the part of a slugfest, armed with powerful weapons and equipment all set for the vigorous fight. You can get trained by various practice combos and sharpen your skills to brawl against players worldwide.

War Thunder

War Thunder

Gajjin thunder’s War Thunder is an action-packed adventurous game that challenges your strategy skills. You can design exclusive and rigorous aerial attacks against your enemies. It is the fantastic MMO military game devoted to an armored vehicle, aviation, and naval craft used in Cold War and World War ||.

Path of Exile

Path of Exile in the top free games on the Steam.

Grinding Gear’s Path of Exile touches your visceral aspect, making you experience the struggles and powers of an Exile. You can kill some time with this hilarious manipulative game where you can act as a Witch, Duelist, Marauder, Ranger, and Shadow to earn power and take revenge. You can customize your character immensely for deadly missions.

World of Tanks Blitz

World of Tank Blitz.

It is War Gaming Group’s stunning MMO game specifically to play on mobile. Multiplayers with all their attacking and defending skills make this game truly exhilarating. You can choose your vehicle from the huge rooster of 300 distinctive vehicles, battle arenas, and customize them in countless ways. An eye-catching graphics and intuitive touch features make this game quite appealing.


VR Chat

Imagination is boundless, and VRChat transmogrifies your imaginative world into real by its adorable features. You can design a custom avatar with a full range of motions, and add an iconic audio element using the Unity SDK. You can create a custom world, and there are endless astounding activities you can perform there like a campfire, bowling with robots. The most eye-catching part is that you can have a glimpse of other player’s imaginative worlds, meet, and chat with new avatars daily.



Unturned is a single-player, PvP, brain-teasing game. This game gives you a terrific experience by leaving you in the world of Zombies. The major challenge is to safeguard yourself from zombies by sneaking around and distracting enemies. It offers you the charismatic feature of creating your massive world where you can grow food and travel to explore more.

SCP: Secret Laboratory

SCP: Secret laboratory.

It is a multiplayer terrifying game based on the SCP foundation containment breach. You can either be Mobile Task Force units(MTF), which works for re-containment, malicious D-class anomalous entities, terrifying SCP Entities, or foundation security.

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter among the best free games on the Steam.

It is easy and moreish to play Fallout Shelter. You act as a controller to give perfect shelter to dwellers and ensure their happiness and protect them. You train them to enhance their skills and decide their outfit and groom them.



 Get ready to try-out your instincts at betrayal and trust with Deceit. It is a multiplayer game that challenges your decision-making and strategizing skills. This game unveils you in a bizarre situation where five players surround you, and a deadly virus infects one of them. You need to save yourself from being infected and travel across zones and escape from the dangerous hatch.

Crush Crush

Crush Crush

If you are looking forward to some hot entertainment, then you can play this tantalizing game. It is a fun-filled flirting game where you build your strong profile to attract lovely ladies. You can enjoy all perks of enthusiastic relationships like enjoying dates, buying gifts, and many more virtually.

Heroes and Generals

Heroes and Generals

 This is an intriguing MMO game by RETO MOTO widely played across the web. You can closely experience real wars. You can pick distinct weapons and eliminate all your opponents on your radar. The one who conquers 15 cities first takes the glory.

Found interesting?

We think that you will have a great time enjoying these best free games on Steam and it is an undeniable fact that they are almost at the same level as any other paid games. Keep following our blogs to get more updates on trending free games.

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