How popular games and movies shape popular culture

Popular culture and art have always influenced each other; the one cannot grow and expand without the other. One of the most interesting and wide question of humanistic and philosophical studies have been if it is art that immolates society and its culture or if it is the other way around. In today’s vast space of the internet and galaxies full of steaming platforms and services, games, series, and movies continue to leave the question ambiguously answered. 

games in  popular culture

As the philosophy- and art major students post the famous crying Gifs on Twitter of Kim Kardashian while ironically enough complaining about how reality-tv could not hold a candle to Aristotle or Shakespeare’s rough humour. 

Famous Movies Or Infamous Influencers? 

Before influencers became something known in pop culture as pretty people of Instagram-models who persuaded their followers to purchase a certain brands new product or service, there were many big names around the world who were the OG influences, and most famously the big names of Hollywood. 

In 1964 Stanley Kubricl’s movie “Dr. Strangelove” premiered, and it was so influential that it eventually changed the American missile program. After years of critique and scorn from the public that such construed mishaps that were portrayed in the movie would never happen in real life, the lingering afterthought and subsequent questioning led to a reform in the program to make sure there could never be a missile mishap. 

Steven Spielberg’s movie “Jaws” caused such an influx of water safety protocols and public terror with the individual swimmer that thousands, both from the day of the movie premiere in 1975 to todays and the forthcoming future viewers, developed a fear of swimming in deep waters. With the creeping fear of a great white shark stalking them from below, wanting a nibble. The movie itself was also the reason why the movie franchise now have such a thing as “summer blockbusters”, where some movies become so influential and adored that the cinema sell out almost every showing for an entire summer.  

Videogames And Slot Machines Promoting Education

Since the start of video and computer games, X-Box and Nintendo, fearful adults who see their children pay games where weapons and car chases were part of the storyline there have been an outcry for a boycott of such games. However, even with a massive online library of studies and articles that how these games do not influence children to act out violent tendencies in real life there are evidence that show how videogames support and promote education and cognitive thinking. 

It is not only games such as GTA which promotes motors kills and foresight, similar games such as casino slots online and in real-life casinos promote educational math such as calculating chance and the odds of probability. In the vast space of online games, the cognitive thinking developing along with motor skills and further education. Which actively and continuously displays the further expanse and influence of these games in people’s lives and the popular culture of today. Let alone the graphic design chooses which have influenced countless artists in their temporary works of art as well as the new artist online, the AI art generator. Which in and off itself and its generated art influences the art world for better and worse. 

The Shaping Of Nations Through Streaming Platforms And Reality-Tv Spinoff’s

The philosophers and old-school art major’s worst fears are alive and thriving in the vast space of the internet and the galaxies of reality-tv, but is that really such a bad thing? That which many of these old-school thinkers believed would create generations of lethargic youth with no sense nor sensibility instead inspired and outraged them who are instead shaping the world and creating revolutions against outdated social structures 24/7. 

With the launch of the hit reality-tv show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” launched in 2007, millions of viewers tuned in to see the propped-up tv-family of seemingly arrogant and clueless Kardashians. Expecting them to make a mockery of themselves, their nation, and the gullibility of its people. However, along with the many slip-stick comedy glimpses of the prime-time reality-tv entertainment, the family raised important social issues with a thin vail of masked cluelessness and of how these structures should be reformed. With the years the generations who saw right through it demanded the vail came off, and off it went. The Kardashians worked skilfully to get their messages across, from jail reforms, feministic outcries of injustice of social norms, and unacceptable phobic jokes. 

Through the streaming platforms such as Youtube, Tiktok, Netflix, and many more, the minds and cultures of generations are continuously shaped. 

The versatile shape and form of art will forever be changing and influence pop culture just as much as pop culture will change it.

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