How To Download Gif From Twitter Tweets on Android or PC

When a person uploads any GIF on Twitter it gets converted into a video file automatically. But it is still called a GIF by Twitter which actually shows only the video file. For this particular reason, it is not possible for you to click and to download gif from twitter like you do on any other social media or sites! Though this method has a number of advantages that are useful to us, it does annoy us when we can edit or save the image. The advantage is that video files are small in size than the GIF files and also they are much easier to interact with. So you really want to download those GIFs that you find on Twitter on your phone? Sit back and follow these options in order to save GIF from Twitter on computer or phone using some easy applications in Android.

Option 1: Downloading TWEET2GIF in Android

How to download twitter gif

Yes! Undoubtedly it is good news for Android users that Google Play Store provides you with a very easy, free as well as convenient application that helps you know how to download twitter gif.

This particular app, Tweet2gif helps to download automatically any kind of GIF from each and every public tweet that is posted on Twitter. In order to do so, first, go Twitter app and then go to the particular tweet from where you want to download the twitter GIF downloader. To expand details tap on the tweet, then click on the menu which is named as More and select the option of Copy link to the tweet.

download gif from Twitter application

Next, go to the Tweet2gif application which is already downloaded in your android phone and paste the copied link. You will find two options here, one to download the file in GIF format else to download it in an MP4 format.


Option 2: Converting the downloaded MP4 file to download GIF from Twitter

If you are using a different kind of platform and there is no way of downloading a Tweet2gif application, you do have to follow a different kind of steps. But you need not need to worry because it’s not going to eat up a lot of your time! So first, you need to download the MP4 video file of the particular GIF that you want. Then you need to convert that particular file, which is in MP4 format, into a GIF file.

One of the easiest solution on how to download GIF from Twitter is by using So first, go to the website and just like you have used Tweet2gif application, copy the URL of the tweet of the Twitter that you want to download and then simply paste here and then you need to click on the download option. So when you arrive at a new page, just click on the download link option which is smaller in size. The option is present on the right-hand side. Because of the fact that the GIF videos are only a few seconds long, your MP4 file will be downloaded in no time! So now, you have to convert the file right? It is also a simple task! Just go to and choose the option from the menu which says Video to Gif.

Next, you need to browse the file that is saved in MP4 format and do upload it! There are also a number of other options which you can try out! But if you only want to convert, skip these options. It is recommended that you should change the FPS (Frame rate) to twenty seconds in order to achieve an animation that is smoother in nature. In the last, after you all chosen all the options just click on the Convert you GIF option!  You will find the converted animated GIF in the bottom.  Now save it by right-clicking on it and chose the save option. This was not time taking right?


Note: To save gif from twitter on computer, it sometimes depends on what particular browsers you are using and according to that you need to right click on the download link and then you have to choose to save link as or download linked file. But do remember that the file is saved in MP4 format only!

Options for the video

Option 3: Saving the file as a screen recording

One particular solution regarding how to download GIF from Twitter is by using the file to use certain application that can record your desktop screen. So there is no need to manually downloading and converting MP4 videos into GIF format. There is a free application called LICEcap that can help you out to save gif from twitter on computer and it is available in both Windows and MAC.

So first you need to download the application which you will easily find in the Cockos Incorporated website. After you have installed the program launch it. You can simply start recording or you can play around with different options that are present there.

File details

So when you want to record, just click in the record option. But don’t forget to select the options before you start it. Save it by giving a file name and the location and as soon as you click on save, the application will start recording after a 3-second delay. If you want to change something in the middle, click on the pause option and when the whole video is done just click stop! Undoubtedly this is a very easy process. After you have finished with the method, go to the location where you have saved the file and you will find the GIF there.


GIFs are just like a kind of language of the web and there is no doubt that people love them and that is why they are all over the social media as well as the internet! So why miss out the fun when you can actually use these GIFs, which you find on Twitter, and send them to your friends on other platforms? So these 3 options for how to download GIF from Twitter can make your problem go away instantly! All these applications and websites have a simple interface so that you do not face any kind of trouble while using them.

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