Best android games like Age of Empires

Released back in 1997, Age of Empires is the most famous real-time strategy game series which is based on historical events. Since the game was developed first, there are seven titles and three spin-offs that have been released. The game goes beyond aesthetics; it is clean, easy to parse and full of incredible art and animation. Age of Empires is critically acclaimed and has sold over 20 million copies across the globe which is a huge commercial success.

From growing your towns to conquering other empires and winning through excellent strategy, Age of Empires is loaded with amazing features. If you love strategy games like age of empires and have been looking for the best android games like age of empires which are worth your time, then you are in the right place. You will love below-listed games as they are more or less similar to games like age of empires.

Here are some of the best android games like age of empires which you should definitely try once.



Age of Mythology is a real-time strategy game which is almost similar to games like age of empires, it was developed by Ensemble in 2002 as a spin-off to Age of Empires. This game, however, is more polished and gripping as compared to other spin-offs in the same series.

Players have to build towns to collect resources in order to produce armies so that they can defeat their enemies. Players can get into the more advanced stages via four Ages which are-Archaic Age, Classical Age, Heroic Age and Mythic Age. The players have to choose and play from one of the three mythological legacies- Greek, Egyptian and Norse.

The big change that the developers have made with Age of Mythology is that they have left behind the world of historical conflict and invented a new world of myth. The story is more interesting that those presented in the previous Age games and leaves more room for invention and reinterpretation. Also, as there are three core Gods for each side and various minor Gods, there is a lot of varied gameplay.



Rise of Nations is also many similar games like age of empires and was developed by Big Huge Games with the combination of the best elements of real-time strategy and the basic concepts of Civilization with the general gameplay of Age of Empires.

The game is primarily centred around the concept of territory. The players’ cities will have a radius around them which will constitute their national border. The players have to build resources which include building forts, creating technology tree, etc. only within their borders and that too in a limited number. And since expanding the empire depends on the cities that the players have, the game makes them think hard about how they can expand.

The players get to explore and dominate 18 civilizations; each comes with a unique bonus and 4-5 unique units. The focus of the game is to progress to the more advances levels to get access to better weapons in order to defeat the enemies.



The second instalment to the StarCraft series, StarCraft II includes a single-player campaign which is lengthy yet compelling. It is a military science fictions based real-time strategy game which is set in the 26th century.

StarCraft II is the best android games like age of empires and has a slick yet beautifully textured backdrop with amazing surround sound and some incredible amounts of variety in terms of gameplay. The game is focused more on fighting to survive rather than the building aspect. In this military strategy game, you can chose to play one of the three characters- Terran, Protoss and Zerg. Once you choose your character, you will get full control of your unit and have to survive the war with the limited amount of resources by making some good strategies. The game gives you the feeling of science-fiction combined with Age of Empires graphics.



The Lord of the Rings: The Battle of Middle Earth II is the best android games like age of empires that covers all the ground from the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy and more. The game is centred on the northern part of the Middle earth where goblins, dwarves and elves fight to gain supremacy while the hobbits trek to Mountain Doom. You will need to collect resources, build structures to produce units and research upgrades. You can win the game by defeating and eliminating a handful of opposite side’s units. In the game, you will see more characters and new races that you didn’t see in the Lord of the Rings movies. You can play customary one-on-one match or with multi-players.

Visually, as compared to the previous instalments, there is a lot of graphical improvement in Middle Earth II and you will be able to see better lighting and shadowing. The sound effects are strong and the memorable background music from the movies echoes throughout the game.


Best android games like Age of Empires 1

Developed by Westwood Studios, Command and Conquer is a Sci-Fi real-time strategy game which is similar to games like age of empires in terms of gameplay. The game is set in the Command & Conquer Tiberium Universe and is focused on different campaigns of various factions which constitute a storyline.

Just like other games like age of empires, here also players have to build empires and align themselves with other factions. The players need to have some quick reflexes and have to choose strategic alliances while they fight against each other and mutual enemies in order to dominate the world. In the game, the players can select a specific sector to start off with and collect resources to grow their military base.

The combat in the game is pretty straightforward; you will need to place your units in rows and these units will just march in a set path when it’s time to attack. The game presentation is attractive and the background music feels powerful. Overall, Tiberium Alliances will give you a satisfying experience with the challenging and varied gameplay features.


Best android games like Age of Empires 2

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III is a dark game is the best android games like age of empires, futuristic real-time strategy game which is very similar to Age of Empire in gameplay. it is a fascinating game where technology advanced warriors and hordes of implacable aliens fight against each other in a fully destructible environment. Dawn of War II is divided into a skirmish mode and campaign mode both of which feature multiplayer. In the skirmish mode, you can play one-on-one or 3 vs. 3 matches with other players. While in campaign mode you can play cooperatively to eliminate the common enemy.



Civilization VI is definitely the most feature abundant and sophisticated instalment in the entire series. You will need to create buildings, military units, guide economic growth and raise an army that will evolve over time and help in expanding your empire to let you dominate the world similarly that you did in games like age of empires.  Civilization VI is a turn-based game which offers you new ways to interact with the world, expand your empire and compete against other leaders to build an empire which can stand against the test of time.

There are different eras-Dark, Normal, Golden or Heroic Ages. You can play as one of the 24 leaders from different countries with the way you prefer and get unique abilities. You will not have direct control over the combat when two nations’ armies battle. In the game, you can gain victory by the growth of religion and culture apart from military dominance. The visuals are entertaining and the audio work in the game is well textured and varied. This is the best android games like age of empires.



WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos is another the best android games like age of empires and it impressive fantasy real-time strategy games like age of empires, which was developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It consists of four races- Humans, the Orcs, the Night Elves and the Undead. The game offers an extensive campaign along with a multiplayer realm while boosting lots of popular customs and player-made maps.

Players can choose any factions and establish their settlements, train their units, gather resources, create their armies and recruit powerful heroes. The game takes place on a map of different sizes where there are various components such as cliffs, mountains, fields, seas, etc. The third instalment in the WarCraft franchise has improved graphics, astonishing pre-rendered cinematics and an appealing storyline of the various races. For those you love solid games like age of empires, WarCraft III, will be able to keep you engaged.

The Age of Empires fans would easily relate to these best android games like age of empires as they are much similar to games like age of empires, we have listed in this post. You will be able to find many similarities in terms of gameplay but some new and unique features too.