How To Pick Smart Instagram Hashtags and Gain More Followers

Do you ever wonder how your friends get so many Instagram followers and gain all that popularity? Does it also fill you with cravings for attention? Well, Instagram hashtags play a major role in this process along with having a public profile. This is why videos and photos find their way out to the “Discover” tab. So, when you use them properly you will be a blessed Insta personality.

Hashtags are usually defined as “hard-to-understand-tags” for new users. Once its use is clearly understood, then picking the correct hashtags won’t be a problem. Here are some enlisted ways of using hashtags properly:

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1. Most used Instagram hashtags

The hottest tags or the most used Instagram hashtags help you get more exposure to the Insta world. Websta, allows you to view Instagram online also providing you with a list of almost 100 popular hashtags. Some of which are pretty easy to remember, and can be used according to what your picture describes. It is also easy to use hashtags by going through the suggestions from the drop-down which displays on the phones. These dropdowns also present the number of public posts and tags with the same hashtag.


2. Finding hashtags by topics

Out for a walk with a good scenario, you click a picture and about to post it – The first thing that might come to your mind will be nature tags! Right? Try to use tags which are more relatable to what your picture describes. Just like how television channels have unique and targeted content, Instagram also has it’s own nature tags, fashion tags, makeup tags, adventure tags, photography tags. Some tags also include brand names, traveling tags etc.

An app is specially designed for inserting hashtags, Tagstagram. This app has the best collection of hashtags for each category mentioned above and also for existing additional categories. Select your preferred hashtags and paste it into your caption segment.


3. Tag for the day:

Just like each one of us has a particular name; days have their specific tags too. Sunday outings can be tagged as #Sundayvibes. You can mention the day when the picture was clicked, for example, #mondaymorningmotivation #saturdyeveningtea, #fridayeveningouting and so on. There are a number of tags available for the days which prove to be helpful regardless of the usage of tags, but at times even that’s important!

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4. Using five relevant hashtags

Instagram has a limit of 30 hashtags per post. Why not? Too many hashtags lead to loss of interest of the audience. Recent research has found that five is the ideal number of hashtags which should be used. Users can vary a bit around this number while using hashtags, which works well. If you wish to add some more hashtags, try not to use them with your caption. Posting the additional tags in the first comment of the picture will keep your picture tidy and clutter free.

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5. Inserting yet rarely used Instagram hashtags

The most popular tags are inserted by a lot of people (the reason for highest rating)! This is also the reason why only using the common tags is not something you must do. It brings your post to the list of someone else’s pictures using the same tags. Remember, you are not the only one using these common tags. For this purpose, you will want to mix things a little using some uncommon tags keeping your post on the top for a longer time. But remember, uncommon tags get viewership too.

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6. Your expertise is worth the post

If you have an expertise in a particular talent or field, then inserting hashtags related to the topic of your subject is a good way to start. This enables you to attract followers who are interested or curious to know about the particular field.

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