Security Benefits of Using Softether VPN

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    The open source VPN software for the server was developed by the University of Tsukuba. This cross-platform VPN software has got multi-protocol and is known for its security and the safe encryption that it provides. This Softether VPN uses the 256 bit AES certificate that is for proper security. This VPN has got the features of the other VPN protocols that are named as Open VPN, L2TP, PPTP and SSTP but is devoid of the negative features of these older VPNs. This network protocol is fast and safe like the PPTP and the Open VPN. This one is also stable and will give you P2P access and downloading options.

    Bridging and Routing with Sufficient Security

    Softether VPN is open source software that’s free for all and can be used by many. This has got a remote access and it is also good as site-to-site networking. This has got its own resistance to firewalls that even are restricted for all. This network has got Ethernet bridging features and IP-routing features too and these are good for any virtual private network. There are different encryptions that are ready for work with this software and there are sufficient security walls that work to give strength to the user group. The logging and firewall features offer inner VPN tunnel.

    Working with SoftEther

    When you are working with this SoftEther, you will find there are 3 modules and they are the server, the clients and bridge for working with the server. The server of SoftEther works so that it can accept connections from various other clients who are using VPN protocols. The Softether VPN uses virtual hubs and different switches that work like real life switches. A Client is a specialized software that is designed to work as hardware or adapter that works through the Ethernet port. This SoftEther software works with various other VPN protocols. The SoftEther Bridges work with the site-to-site connections.

    Free and Open Source

    This SoftEther works with all the desktop computers and its operating system. This one is also good when you use it through the mobile operating systems like Mac OS, FreeBSD, Windows, Linux and Solaris. The SoftEther is comparatively new and therefore has not got a whole lot of support and availability. This is good for all as it is open source and available without any charges. This SoftEther can work around the firewalls and will give the users a superb performance with the connectivity and it will also take care of the security of the connection.

    Recommendations and Requirements

    When you set up the Softether VPN for your computer, you must know about the requirements and some recommendations. You will need a VPN account and there are many who would allow you their service for free to connect to the network. Choose a package and you will find the details of username, totally secret password and server address in the package that is sent to your profile.

    Use the App for Windows for setting up the SoftEther network or you can check out the manual step by step guide for such setup in many websites. Soon you will have the client manager on your desktop so that you can add the connections and a Virtual Network Adaptor. When you have set up the connection, you will have to start working with the network. This supports many other protocols of VPN and you will be happy with the performance and the complete security measures that come with the connection.

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