Post-Penguin Blog commenting Dos and Don’ts

The release of Google’s Penguin as an update to the algorithm of causing quite the stir for SEOs all over the world. It was thought that the use of blog commenting as a link building Strategy had lost its value.  In this article, we will look at how commenting remains to be of incredible importance and how you can still exceedingly l benefit from it. Here are the dos and don’ts of commenting in lieu of the Penguin algorithm update.


1.       Value Sharing

Link Building

The act of posting comments on a blog that are insightful and directly relevant to the topic has always been a good way of inviting good rankings into your own site. When you engage the owner of the blog through discussions in the comment section, you are opening a can of butterflies! These are doors opened that will eventually lead to your own success. The insightful ideas and feedback that you generously provide will add value to the owner while at the same time benefiting you as well. This may also open up opportunities for meeting other readers which will of course increase your reach in building links. Remember, providing valuable and stimulating comments will spark an interest in you to other readers, and this interest in you will eventually lead to an interest in your own blog.

2.        Commenting within your Niche

Commenting on topics that you are not entirely familiar about is not necessarily a bad thing. However, it is really more beneficial if you will engage through comments the blog author, and any other fellow reader on topics that you are familiar with. By engaging in discussions on topics that you are knowledgeable about you are labeling yourself as a good foundation of new ideas and also a good source of feedback.

3.        Comment Naturally

It isn’t really necessary to comment three hundred times a day; most people might actually even find that pretty extreme. Google’s algorithm might tag your actions as suspicious and that is never a good situation to be in. In fact, contrary to being an extreme commuter, you might find that doing it in a more “natural” way to be more beneficial. It will practically be impossible to create comments of value if you’re dishing them out by the hundreds each day. Keep in mind that comments with value will show others that you have something decent to share, and they might just be interested in knowing more about you and click on your links.

4.       Find Similar Minds

Be on the lookout for blogs and websites that are similar or somewhat related to your own. A simple search and a little research will get you tons of results. Once you find these blogs you must interact with them. Give them a buzz on the comments section just to let them know that you took an interest in them. More than likely, the owners of these blogs will respond, you can then take this as an opportunity to engage in discussions. Comments made by you that are read by the audience of another author, will increase the span of your reach. Being that these blog are of similar interests to yours, it is only natural for it to have viewers that are also into the same interest; this is a very good vantage to gain sight of your opportunities to rise in the rankings increase!

5.       Come Back Regularly

It’s a really great feeling when we get to make new friends by just being active in the comments section; it feels even grander when our traffic increases because of this. A good way to keep traffic flowing into your blog is to keep in touch with blogs that you have made connections from. Chances are these people will get fond of you and be avid followers of your own blog.



1. Don’t comment when you don’t have something valuable to share.

Giving out comments just for the sake of increasing your rankings will only disappoint you and probably even annoy other readers, not to mention the blog owner thus decreasing your value as a blogger and a link builder.

2. Don’t comment just to build links.

Yes we are all worried about whether our likes will be followed but this should not be your basis on commenting. This will not really increase your rankings. In fact, it might even do the opposite. Posting comments without any real value attached to it might annoy blog owners and other readers.

3. Do not spam comments to increase follow ups on your links; most people will label you as a spammer and will avoid you. Evasion is the last thing we need!

Google penguin has made link building a more applied process, meaning it needs all the attention you can give. Reliance on SEO tools is no longer very effective. In order to stay in the game you have to be more personally active by doing stuff manually. This is why the value of comments is as crucial a factor as ever. Now shall we practice by leaving a comment below? Have fun!


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