Infographic; How to Increase your followers on Instagram

If you think that Instagram is just a place for selfies… think again.
With over 200 million users worldwide, Instagram generates a higher user engagement than Facebook or Twitter, which makes it the best place to advertise, market, or launch your product.

Millions of users scroll through the Instagram homepage every day. So what do you have to do in order to get noticed? Well the short answer is, look good.

Instagram can be used to make your presence felt worldwide. Not only that, it can be used to reach beyond your friends and family, beyond your own geographical constraints even, to connect you to people in the other end of the world.

The biggest thing that you need to understand about these social sites is that you will never get results right away. Only after keeping at it consistently for 6-12 months will you be able to yield the proper branding exposure you require. Since this job can be tedious to some extent, we’ve compiled an infographic (posted below) that explains in detail how Instagram can change the course of the entire flow.

Simple little tricks such as; Hashtags, Captions, and Comments can drastically change the way you or your product is thought of online. For example, taking the time out to respond to comments and likes, it may not do much in terms of conversion, but it will do wonders in making your relationship with your followers much more intact, which is what you should be looking for in the long run.

With outstanding customer engagement potential, you not only get the exposure you desire but also emerge as a brand that can’t be missed. Both as a standalone and in sync with other media, if you are looking for a platform where millions can interact with you, Instagram is the place to be.

instagram followers infographic

Lemuel Operario is a Freelance Internet Marketer, Blogger, Thinker and an aspiring writer.


Infographic; How to Increase your followers on Instagram 1
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