#Fellowesinc introduces PowerShred 73Ci – 100% Jam Free Paper Shredder.

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    #Fellowesinc introduces PowerShred 73Ci - 100% Jam Free Paper Shredder. 1
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    This post brought to you by Fellowes. All opinions are 100% mine.

    Paper shredders are very useful to safely discard your papers with private information like financial data, credit cards or  credit card bills or some sort of documents, you really should be shredding them before discarding for your privacy and safety, so you can be at peace of mind that your papers are never going to be misused, it can be very useful for you or office needs.
    The new Fellowes 73Ci  paper shredder from Fellows Inc, is extremely low power consuming paper shredder, it has a very cool capacitive touch system smartly designed and user friendly, it has a drawer when you’re ready to empty it, but the most important thing about this shredder is that it never jams even if you put in a lot of papers all at once. I have few friends who’ve used Fellowes 73Ci and also bunch of other different  shredders, and they say the main issue with other shredders are that they end up getting jammed and they have to pull the paper out every time it gets jammed. But Fellowes 73Ci is guaranteed to never get stuck. It is 10% jam free. Fellowes Inc introduced the very first personal shredder in 1990, so they’ve got a lot of experience and innovative technology in this field.

    SafeSense Technology:

    This shredder features ad SafeSense technology which automatically stops shredding when your hands touch the paper opening case of the shredder, so in case you want to stop shredding halfway, you can just do that with a touch. Thanks to its sensors, Even if you put too many sheets than it can handle, it smartly spits it out and continue its work. But since there is a sensor to warn you in case you put too many than the capacity of sheets. That’s a very good safety feature

    Heavy Duty Blades

    And it can shred upto 10 minutes at once, but it needs 20 minutes of cooling time before you can use it again. And it has got good capacity drawer to fit shredded material. The Heavy-duty Cross-Cut blades destroy a single sheet of paper into 397 particles, making it nearly impossible to piece back together.

    Touch screen controls

    The front of the shredder has a very neat touch screen interface, this also has a warning system when the drawer is open or if the bin is full of shredded material. If you touch your hands on the metal opening where you insert the papers, it’s smart sensors can Fellowes 73Cistop shredding and give a warning message.

    Smart Energy saving system

    It is also smart enough to shut it off when in active, that helps save power, its a cool energy saving feature.
    It can shred credit card, and it can even handle CD’s (its going to a little noisy when you shred CD). And if you are in an office environment, it is really easy to move around, it is on wheels, so it can move.
    So, if you have got to discard a lot of sensitive documents or CDs, bills etc, you should be really getting PowerShred 73Ci to make sure your privacy is protected. Its already available on the stores from January 2012 and suggested retail price is $199.99. Let us know what features of PowerShred 73Ci you liked the most. 
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    1. Office paper shredders are surely give a lot of help for paper-based companies. Also, with 73ci shredder, shredding will become much easier and convenient as it is more user-friendly and affordable as always!


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