Rule Business Market by Espousing Apache Hadoop Development in 2015

In the year 2015, the enterprises will get the idea that Hadoop is not just a new database, or merely just another newest advancement in data processing and daily analytics. Rather it is a revolutionizing development with all-bracing hypothesis for the every business model. Hadoop is one of the leading names in big data analytics. It’s no hush-hush that several companies have made a name for themselves making use of the open-sourced software framework.

Apache Hadoop Development

Generally, Hadoop is an open source framework for distributed processing and storage of big data. From big business to individuals, social media enthusiast to cyber user, everybody can extract benefit in big data. The business audience knows the paradigm-shift and is expeditiously adopting a data-driven approach to making decisions and enhancing operational performance.

According to business analysts and industry experts too the endorsement of Apache Hadoop Development will pick up the pace within the enterprise, as more businesses make smarter applications with real-time data analysis capabilities. Already, top data-centric companies like Amazon, LinkedIn and Facebook are demonstrating how the admixture of latest analytics and big data can be used to achieve a competitive edge by offering a higher level of service and driving new ways to generate ROI.

Key Components of Hadoop Development That Will Support Business In 2015

  1. Real-time data security & refinement

With the arrival of sensors, mobile, wearable devices and the growth of the internet of things (IoT), data is flooding in at a rate never seen before. Nowadays, it’s likely to be dealing with petabytes of data, and the intrinsic time-sensitive structuring challenges of fulfilling customer's demands. Hadoop has already evolved beyond large scale, batch-oriented analytics with its powerful devices. In 2015, we anticipate to see more innovations, playing major role in near real-time data management, security and cleaning.

  1. Dynamic Analytics

Enterprises require results and they want them rapidly. Also, they demand customization capabilities without negotiating the faultlessness of predictions. To do this, managerial practices for data must be thorough. Hadoop is making evolution toward better, quicker analytics. Tools like Apache Spark and Apache Storm have been contrived to run on Hadoop. And as the library of these tools raise, companies will be able to build more superior predictive models based on real-time analytics.

  1. Widespread Enterprise Adoption

Today’s businesses need more adaptability than ever before. They require sufficient virtual storage to enable you work from anyplace, on any device, round-the-clock. But that’s not the end. Enterprises expect lower IT expenses, lower cost of handling data, and enhanced business function multifaceted. Hadoop is, by all means, a choice, but its rate of espousal depends on: utilization capabilities, enterprise facility and a developer-centric framework. In the past two years, Apache Hadoop development has been approved by businesses of various size and vendors like Hortonworks, Cloudera and MapReduce have all brought noteworthy upgradation in Hadoop environments to suit the implementation needs. To promote widespread adoption, there are tremendous Hadoop investments happening presently. To verify this point, in the year 2014 alone, Cloudera raised $900 million, and one of the Hadoop investors filed an IPO, making it an even more feasible alternative and almost assuring hike in the adoption rate.

4. Abundance of Hadoop skills

By the end of the year 2015, the good news for Hadoop technology endorser will be the galore of Hadoop skilled developers' availability. The companies no more will have to hire expensive Hadoop Developer to accomplish projects. Hadoop ventures will be completed quickly because the enterprise’s very own application developers and operations experts will have a better knowledge of the data, the applications, the integration points and the business challenges.”

5. Contriving around Hadoop

If you're architecting a Hadoop cluster in-house and requires more than the white-box experience, these hardware contrivers proffer an array of Hadoop bundles. Enterprise IT has elongated trend toward generic, white-box hardware and away from devoted systems, with the real miracle happening in the software.


Thus, Apache Hadoop will enter a period of market fortification, with a lot of vendors competing for a piece of the action narrowing down. The changing technological adoptions are making it appear that Hadoop is going to turn the corner in the year 2015.

About Author:
Jaynesh Shah is a Team Lead at Azilen Technologies, an India based product and software development firm. Follow him +JayneshShah