Why Video Marketing Is Important For Small Businesses

Video marketing has been used by businesses ever since the inception of videos. The only difference now is the importance that a video marketing strategy has in your business. Videos are prevalent on almost every platform and channel. This means that you should adjust your social strategy and take up video marketing if you are not already making use of this marketing tool. It is now more accessible because of a cheaper production cost, due to the ease of use of current technologies. 

video marketing for startups

Professional marketing services seek to help small businesses improve their video campaigns. Working with a digital marketing agency means that you will be partnered together with a dedicated account manager to come up with the best solutions for your individual needs. You get access to professional brand messaging; the video will contain high-quality images, brand colors, messages, and professional voice overs. Brand messaging is the foundation of video marketing. Instead, you can choose to access the documents through the file-sharing option present inside a project management software. 

Video marketing takes up the following forms:

  • Brand videos.
  • Demo videos.
  • Personal messages.
  • Explainer videos.
  • Animated videos.
  • How-to videos.
  • Event videos.
  • Expert interviews.
  • Live videos.
  • Customer testimonials.
  • 360° Experience videos.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) videos.

Why Is Video Marketing Important?

Are you a small business that is still having doubts about video marketing? The following reasons will showcase why you should abandon the excuses and become part of the movement. Video marketing will help your business achieve growth in many ways.

1. Create Awareness for Your Brand

Social media statistics show us that videos generate a lot of traffic and engagement. For this reason, it shows how people respond more to videos than other campaigns. Videos engage your customers quickly and create a connection with your customers. Demo videos will help people familiarize themselves with the products that you offer and pique their interest. Brand videos summarize who you are as a brand and inform people what they expect from you. 

2. Optimizes Your Business to Be Found Online

Videos can be optimized to pop up on the top of search engines. Through SEO, your message can cut across many platforms. An optimized video also attracts customers who are searching for a similar service and not only your followers. Efficient distribution methods direct more traffic to your business. Our distribution methods ensure your video is up on YouTube, your website, and other video platforms. How-to videos capture random users on the internet who are looking for tutorials or solutions to problems.

3. Videos Are Now Cheap and Easy to Produce

Making professional videos has never been this easy; with a phone, microphone, and basic video editing techniques, you can make a decent video for your campaigns. There are a lot of resources online that can teach you the necessary editing skills. Some types of video will still require you to hire professional services to produce. 

4. Increase Your Online Presence

In this digital age, it is tough surviving, let alone thriving without a proper online presence. It would be best if you strived to make a presence online or increase it.  Video marketing will significantly increase your online presence. An engaging video will prompt your viewers to click on subscription links or website redirects; exciting videos will drive your customers to share on other platforms and friends. Animated videos are used to explain challenging concepts in a fun and exciting way that will keep your clients hooked. With time, you will have a massive online presence.

5. It Builds Trust with Your Clients

Humans tend to prefer human to human interaction. Videos help attach a face and voice to your business. Create a personal connection with customers, and they will get to know and like you. Specifically, live videos provide your customers with a behind-the-scenes look, and they get to trust in the process. They will have a bigger picture of who you are and not just visualizing products on a shelf. Customer testimonial videos will convince other potential clients that you offer exemplary service and have their best interests at heart.

6. Boost Your Social Media Engagement

Video posts attract three times the same engagement as regular posts on social media. Businesses posting images and articles is commonplace today, so you must up your game and stand out by starting a video campaign. Your content must be engaging; otherwise, your traffic and conversion rates will suffer. Videos increase your social media engagement and help you develop a broad fan base that turns into customers. Small businesses holding events should also focus on making event videos to promote these. Event videos build up the hype for an upcoming event and let your customers know what to expect.

7. Increase Your Sales

Building an online presence and creating engagement will be useless if you do not convert them to sales. Video marketing should help simplify the shopping experience for your customers. After purchases, personalized video messages can boost the whole customer service experience and will help your clients to feel cared for and acknowledged. 

Video marketing will quickly help you achieve a return on investment. Ensure you regularly publish to keep your viewers engaged, as posting a video does not immediately and directly translate to sales. 


Looking to Leverage Professional Video Marketing Services and Grow Your Business?

Nothing can beat great content plus a good video marketing strategy. Embrace video marketing and make your business reach new heights with a professional video marketing service. At BizIQ, we embrace your business core values and help you develop a perfect strategy. 

Partner with us and experience a rise in traffic and sales. Call us at (888) 416-9800 and schedule to talk to our small business marketing experts.

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