How To Resolve Five Common Issues In Windows 10

Many of us are enjoying new features of Windows 10 and acquainted with using these features. However, part of users still feels inconvenient because of some errors that often occurs, such as high resource usage, Windows Update doesn’t work, Internet connection interruptions, or broken icons.


In this article, we will explain more about these common errors. We also show you methods to find out the reason that caused those errors and how to troubleshoot them. So if you are getting any of those issues, read this guide, follow instructions to resolve them.

#1. Windows processes are hogging CPU resource

One of the most annoying errors in Windows 10 operating system is the high CPU resource usage issue. This problem often comes from system processes, such as svchost.exe (netsvcs), tiworker.exe, or ntoskrnl.exe. There are many reasons stands behind this issue and depends on each case, we will need to use different methods to resolve.

For example, if tiworker.exe is hogging your CPU resource, the first thing you need to check is Windows Update. Sometimes, a few issues related to Windows Update and its settings can cause this high CPU usage problem. So make sure you have installed all available updates, as well as use Windows Update troubleshooter to diagnose and troubleshoot issues.

#2. Windows Update gets stuck and can’t check for updates

In most cases, Windows Update can’t work properly because of corrupted files. To resolve this error, you need to clean up the SoftwareDistribution directory and then check for updates again to re-download Windows updates.

This folder is located at C:WindowsSoftwareDistribution. However, before cleaning up this folder, you need to stop Windows Update service from running.

Besides, the System Update Readiness tool can also help you to scan your Windows operating system, detect corrupted files and repair them automatically. For further information regarding the tool, read it here.

#3. Internet connection isn’t steady

Getting issues with your Internet connection? Can’t load your favourite website properly? Since Microsoft releases Windows 10, we have received a lot of reports claimed that the Internet connection isn’t steady, sometimes, it’s disconnected.

There are two primary reasons for this issue that are:

– A bug in Windows 10 that makes your computer losing the Internet regularly.

– A problem with WINSOCK entries.

If it’s a bug in Windows 10, you need to check for updates and install all latest updates to fix the bug.

However, if the issue comes from Winsock, you need to reset it and other network settings. Read this guide from for further instructions.

#4. Icons don’t display correctly

You might not know, Windows has a system called icon cache. Instead of loading those icons when needing, Windows will keep a version of them in the icon cache file. The reason is that loading from this cache file is incredibly faster than the traditional way. Therefore, in some aspects, it will make your computer works faster and smoother.

However, if there is any problem with this cache file, Windows icons can’t load correctly and may show white icons or don’t show anything. In this case, you have to delete all existing icon cache files and rebuild it.


#5. Blue screen of death errors

Most of Windows users hate the blue screen of death errors because when facing them, we aren’t able to access our computer in most cases. Instead of allowing us to access the computer, it will show a blue screen with error code and message.

To diagnose and troubleshoot blue screen of death (BSOD) errors, we must collect as much information as possible, such as error code, error message, and your current situation.

For example, if you have installed any new software, or hardware lately, we would suggest to remove them out of your computer to see whether they are the reason of the BSOD errors or not.

To uninstall a program, a driver or roll back an update when encountering BSOD error, you need to access Safe Mode and perform those actions there.

We hope this guide and its methods can help you to diagnose and resolve five most common issues in Windows 10. In case of having questions or issues regarding Windows 10, leave your comment below.

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