What Cause Slow Computer -Boost Computer Speed Easily

slow computer, slow performanceComputer is one of the best gifts that has come from God to humanity, it helps us shape our lives. The way we behave change with the use of computer and how we think. The output of work you can get from using a computer is so much compared to doing such tasks with your normal abilities -for instances, conducting a calculation of how your company spend and receive money in, you know that this type of tasks does need more time and cool brain before you can do it but with the existence of a computer; everything will become easier than how it is before. Talking of computer, it is a device that is mainly built to do more than human being can do, though, it will still depends on human-being before it can work effectively. For all what we know computer for (working faster than ordinary human being ability), it will be insane for a computer to now start working below the ability of a normal human being. But, it happens in most times and this as a result of the users not taking proper care of the computer or that the computer capacity cannot do what the user is forcing on it to do -all these points points at the users inability to use the computer as he/she supposed to use it.


Maybe you have been planning to throw away your computer system because of the way it is working or it doesn't even worth using in your face, I will suggest you wait and ready this tips below so that you can know what next you can do about that computer in order to keep it up working and serving you once again.

Your Hard-Drive Is Full-

One of the major problems of slow and under-performing computer system is hard disk and memory usage limit. If your computer inner memory is full, you can't expect the best from such a system, your computer system can only work faster if it has more spaces left in it for processing of data and many other things. In many cases, your computer manufacturer can promises you high memory capacity, you will find out later that your computer isn't performing as it suppose to because you have exhausted the memory limit of the system and you cannot get anything else than to upgrade the computer system or to dispose it.

In a situation where you notice that your computer memory is full, the first thing you can do to this in order to still continue to get the best from your computer is to unload some of the files on it so as to get more free spaces which you can make use of for another data processing purpose. Delete all old files that's taking much spaces in your computer and allow new ones in, you can do this by installing latest version of CCleaner on your computer and run it to do this task for you-it will clean all errors and temporary and old files from your computer system.

Duplicate Files On Your Computer Registry

If there are duplicate files on your computer registry this can decrease the memory of the computer and thereby affects its speed. You can prevent this by running a PC cleaning program to help you clear all duplicate files in your computer registry.

So your computer health is solely in your hands, the way you protect it from danger depends on you and it will also have a great effect on it in the future, so you have to take your computer as your friend and protect it very well.


  1. Hey Olawale,
    It's another great post about computer. Looking for another great post in my blog.

  2. Another thing I forgot to mention is to always clean your desktop icon remove unnecessary icon that are not always needed and always defrag your hard disk ever time you make a huge changes on your PC. Like, uninstalling huge chunks of file or removing movies, songs, applications etc... or at least every once a week defrag your hard disk if necessary...

  3. In addition try not to start all application when installing software. See your system tray and see what programs stars when windows start disable some of it that's not necessary and you'll see some improvement....

  4. Yeah! Ccleaner really works very well in this type of situation. Thanks for your kind reply @Shrinivas

  5. Thanks for your wonderful comment @Rajesh.
    @Delena. Yeah! Duplicate files will in so many ways decrease the speed of your internet connection and also your computer speed.

    Great comments @all.

    -Olawale Daniel

  6. This is really great! I didn't know about duplicate files slowing down your computer speed. I checked after reading this article, and I have a few that were duplicated by mistake, so I''m going to go clean them up, de-frag, and see if that helps my laptop speed.



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