Advantages of Using Hosted Sage Solutions

Small and medium businesses can benefit from using a hosted Sage service. The service enables your business to benefit from all of the new features without needing to continually upgrade your hardware infrastructure.

Each hosted Sage setup is tailored individually to meet the specific needs of a business, enabling you to choose from having either a licensed copy of Sage 50 software hosted on the hosts servers, or by renting the software from them on a monthly basis.

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These two options allow you, your staff and your accountant to access your data, process the transactions through, and print reports.

Company’s such as LSA Systems, Cloud 50 and Jinota in the United Kingdom use industry-standard SSL encryption, providing safety, security and reliability, as well as unlimited support as part of your package.

Advantage of using a hosted Sage solution include:

  • Reduced initial investment

Renting a hosted version of Sage saves a lot on the initial investment of purchasing a copy outright plus hosting it yourselves.

  • Reduced hardware purchases

You will not need to purchase a powerful server to run a hosted version, whilst a copy of the programme does not need to be purchased and installed on every computer.  Instead, 20 users can have access from everywhere and anywhere with wifi access and login details.

  • No longer relying on IT Staff

Small businesses can often struggle to afford to pay for offsite IT support, therefore it makes great business sense to pay for cheaper network support over the internet whom can fix any problems remotely, therefore reducing your downtime.

  • Automatic upgrades

One major advantage of having a hosted version of Sage is that you can automatically update your software from the cloud instead of your employees wasting their time waiting for it to update on their computers one at a time.

  • Automatic backups

As well as automatic updates, your data is automatically backed up on the cloud, therefore no need to spend additional money on a backup system and disaster recovery.

  • Secure data centre

As the data is not on your premises, should an internal disaster occur, you will not lose any data and still have access provided you have a connection to the internet.

  • Better support/infrastructure

Your hosted support can provide 24/7 support and there is no need to wait for someone to turn up to your premises to fix any issues you have, causing long downtime.  Instead, your issues can be resolved remotely.

The Modern Day Way

In an era where everything happens on line these days, more and more businesses are moving across to the cloud.  This is no different when it comes to your Sage data either.

The cloud allows access from anywhere, anytime and from any device with secure login details.

There is no need for data copies or downloaded anymore – your accounting data can be stored in one place, ensuring it is synchronised for multiple users.

Advantages of Using Hosted Sage Solutions 1
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