What Are the Best Computer Security Tips?

Before you take a PC, you need to take some security tips. There are some important summaries for both computer security and antivirus which are generally regarded as the most valuable and they are as follows:
best computer security tips

  1. Use plain old common sense: If you have any doubt regarding the safety of your computer, it is better to delete the email attachments that you receive from an unknown people without opening them. Do not get attracted and beware of attracting and tempting animations on unprofessional looking sites. Do not open the strange links or attachments in instant messaging, because they just contain malicious code.
  2. If you still use floppies scan them before you use: This tip is especially critical if you use floppy disks to transfer files between PC’s. Always scan them for viruses and other threats before transferring their data to any other computer.
  3. Label your Floppies and don’t share them: Even well-meaning associates can unwittingly transmit worms, viruses, Trojan horses are worse. So, this is the reason you must label your disks clearly, and do not allow any body to share so, neither a borrower or lender be, use alternate methods for sharing files.
  4. Avoid downloading files which you are not sure about. You should not download the files such as freeware, games, screen savers and other executable programs. Many internet web sites may be full of potential threats, so be sure to scan all downloads before you run them on your PC.
  5. Never boot from floppy disks. This is one of the most common ways viruses can be transferred. Always remove inserted floppies before shutting down your system, because it will automatically attempt to boot from what may already be a virus laden disk.
  6. Frequently update your system anti-virus software. Even the best anti-virus software is not much help unless you keep it updated. New system threats emerge daily and even hourly. Most antivirus software allows easy online updating.
  7. Protect your system startups. Make sure to configure antivirus software to launch automatically and run constantly, ensuring that you are always protected from many threats on your computer.
  8. Scan incoming email/attachments in your PC. This is an important thing to be done to protect your system from many threats. You must scan each attached file from email of IM messages even those from trusted sources. Most PC security software will perform this function automatically.
  9. You have to install professional antivirus software in your system. Keep virus definitions up to date. Proper antivirus and other PC security applications can scan files for unusual changes and other warning signs. This is the most important security tip that you can take to keep your system as safe and secure as possible.

10.  Do not automatically open the email attachments in your PC. This is another important tip to be taken to protect your system from threats. Make sure you email application does not automatically open messages.  To avoid this check the program’s options or preferences menus.

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