Computer Repair: Upgrading Versus Replacing

Today’s technological world never sleeps and is constantly evolving. Just as one new technological advancement is being born and presented to the world, the newest evolution is already in development. Computer technology is no exception. This alone can lead to difficulty making decisions when it comes time to decide what to do with home and office computer systems that may now be outdated.

computer repair and upgrade

What’s Wrong with My System?

Computer systems, both laptop and desktop stations, require regular care and maintenance to keep them running quickly and smoothly. If a computer system has suddenly begun to experience slow processing speeds, freezing or crashing regularly, or even feels as if it is overheating, chances are that the system is in need of basic maintenance. Basic and regular maintenance includes installing and running anti-virus software, regularly defragmenting the machine, and keeping all system drivers and software up to date.

Defragmenting a computer system could be compared to straightening a file cabinet system. The defrag program moves unused and bad data out of the way and sorts the good data so that the operating system may access it more easily. Updating software and device drivers may help to correct security issues and bugs that can help to speed up the system. Properly uninstalling unused software is another way to help reduce lag and to free up space on the system’s hard drive. Physical maintenance should include cleaning accumulated dust and debris from the fan and power supply area, as well as making sure there is adequate airflow.

Repair and Upgrade? Or Replace the System?

Sometimes even newer computer systems were not built in great quality and will need parts replaced. Basic, non-custom built home and business computer systems are usually the easiest systems to repair or upgrade. They are newer machines and the parts are more likely to be in demand, thus the cost is typically lower and they are usually available from electronic retail store chains. Many off-the-shelf computer systems are built with similar specifications, and it is usually only those specifications and the user alone that separate a good computer use experience from a bad one.

Those who simply browser the internet and send email regularly do not need the same specifications as someone who regularly uses graphic design software, streams music and video, or plays a graphics intense game. Computer users who have purchased off-the-shelf systems intended more for business use may find it much more efficient to replace and purchase a new system if they desire to install intensive software applications. Those who are simply in need of boosting speed with a more recent system may find it much more beneficial to upgrade their system by adding additional RAM.

Choosing the type of computer to best suit personal needs may be a bit tricky, but the decision on whether or not to simply repair or upgrade a system versus replacing the machine is not. If it is going to cost more to repair or upgrade a system than it would be to purchase a better one, simply purchase a new computer system. Newer computer systems are often more compatible with the latest technology and can save not only precious dollars, but valuable time.

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