How to Recover Data from Laptop Hard Drive that Won’t Boot?

Can’t boot into your laptop? You may not be able to access your laptop or data stored therein because the hard drive might be faulty or defective. How can you get your data back? This blog will show you how to retrieve data from a laptop which won’t turn on. Stellar Data Recovery Professional is a powerful tool that can be used to recover data from unbootable computers or laptops.

Many people have asked questions such as “laptop won’t turn on because of faulty hard drive” on various technology platforms. Your hard drive may be corrupted or faulty if your laptop won’t turn on. The hard drive may be logically corrupted, bad sectors, or drive corruption. This could cause BSOD errors, or even crash your entire system. If the hard drive is physically damaged it can cause system failure and permanent data loss. No matter what the circumstance, you could lose access to your data.

Below are a few DIY techniques that will allow you to recover files from a crashed or unbootable laptop or PC

Method 1: Use Backup

Even if your laptop isn’t turning on, data can still be recovered if you have a backup. You can recover data regardless of whether you have a backup or used Windows’ built-in recovery and backup utilities like File History, Backup and Restore and Previous Versions. Data recovery is simple if there is a backup.

However, if the users have not backed up then check out the following steps 

Method 2: Use a Powerful Data Recovery Software

Stellar Data Recovery Software for Windows can be used to retrieve corrupted or lost data from a computer or laptop. This powerful tool will help you recover data from a crashed computer or laptop. To create a bootable media drive, you can use the utility ‘Create Recovery Drive’. This will allow to restore your data to non-bootable systems. These steps will help you to save files from being blocked by Windows.

  • Connect a USB drive to a laptop that is new or formatted. Download Stellar Data Recovery software, install it, and run it.
  • The screen titled “Select What To Recover” will open. Click the ‘Waffle icon to select ‘Create a Recovery Drive’.
  • Next, choose the USB that you have connected to your laptop and click Create Recovery Drive > OK.
stellar data recovery
  • Connect the USB bootable media device to the crashed or unbootable laptop.
create recovery disk
  • Turn on the laptop and press F12 to view the USB media connected to it.
  • Select to boot the system using a bootable media device.
  • After the laptop boots from USB you will see the “Select What to Repair” screen.
  • Select the data type or click “All”>Next.
  • Click on the drive/location where you wish to retrieve the data, and then click Scan.
ssd recovery

The scanning process will begin. The results of the scanning process will be displayed on the screen once they are complete.

  • To run an advanced scan, click the ‘Click Here’ button beside Deep Scan.
  • Select the files you wish to restore. 
professional data recovery
  • Click Recover when you are satisfied with the results.
  • Click Browse to select a location where you want to save the files. 

Note: To store the data that you have retrieved, use an external storage drive.

stellar data professional
  • Click ‘Start Saving’ to save your data. 

Method 3: Take the hard drive out of your laptop and connect it with another laptop

Windows users have also reported questions such as “my laptop won’t turn on” or “how can I recover my data from a laptop that won’t start up?” You may be able to quickly recover data if the hard drive is already working on another laptop.

Warning: Unplugging the hard drive can cause your warranty to be voided. You should not attempt this task on a laptop that isn’t designed to be opened. Instead, contact a professional data recovery company to help you restore your data. This method may be used if your laptop is old and out of warranty. If your hard drive stops working, it is faulty and must be repaired or replaced.

Method 4: Choose Hard Drive Recovery Services

If your laptop doesn’t start, it could be because the hard drive is physically damaged. Stellar can help you recover data from your laptop. Stellar’s data recovery services that open the drives and open the hard drives them in a clean room of class 100 to reduce dust particles, and increase data recovery chances. They can assist you in accessing a computer that isn’t turning on and guarantee 100% data recovery.


The problem with your hard drive may cause the laptop to not boot. You can retrieve data regardless of whether your laptop’s hard drive is damaged, defective, or physically damaged. To retrieve your data, you can use your backup. You can use a data recovery tool to retrieve files from hard drives that aren’t capable of booting windows if you don’t have one. Stellar Data Recovery Services, a hard drive recovery service provider, can help you retrieve your data even though the hard drive may be physically damaged or destroyed.

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