Mobile Radiations Aren’t Harmful, Uncovers A Recent Study

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    Mobile Radiations Aren't Harmful, Uncovers A Recent Study 3
    Megha Kottapalli
    Megha is a Technology writer.

    New studies show a relief in the danger caused on humans by mobile radiations. Scientists exposed male rats to a huge amount of mobile phone radiations. Observations showed the formation of minor tumors around the heart area. So, when it comes to the human beings, our immune system is much more advanced and stronger than that of rats.

    TechGyo_ Recent studies show radiation emitted from phones are not harmful

    Image Courtesy: Wenger & Watson Inc

    About The Experiment

    The main cause why tumors developed in rats was due to the exposure of harsh amounts of radio frequency emitted by the mobile phones. The emission of these radiations by our mobile phones is much lower compared to this experimental setup. This experiment was conducted on two rats. The male rat supposedly had an existing tumor which increased slightly. On the other hand, the female one didn’t show any signs of tumor or other such problems. These rats were further examined to observe any other disorders. No such health problems were found in them.

    Mobile Radiations

    Mobile radiations have been a major concern for humans since the time of its advancement and increasing use. Radiowaves can cause brain cancer as cellphones are always held near to our face. Ionizing radiations emitted from X-rays are much more harmful which can lead to cancer damaging your DNA.

    Though Federal Communication Commission has its norms that companies need to take care of. The norms regulate the number of radiations that can emit from the cellphone. The Food and Drug Administration also has some controls on this regulation.

    The experiment conducted was only with the 2G and 3G network mobile radiations. Experiments with 4G and 5G network mobile radiations will be conducted soon. Rats were exposed to strong radiations for a good nine hours and over a time span of two years.

    “A rat that is 2 years old is roughly equivalent to a 70-year-old person,” Source: STAT News reports

    John Bucher, a senior scientist quotes, “These findings should not be directly extrapolated to human cell phone usage. Even with frequent usage by the vast majority of adults, we have not seen an increase in events like brain tumors.” said the FDA with a positive response.

    (Featured Image Courtesy: The Daily Beast)


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