4 Inherent Dangers Of Wearable Technology

Wearable technology helps you go on a run with your favorite music, check your email on your watch or see a heads-up version of your personal documents. You can get a good bit of work done with wearable technology, but wearable technology comes with inherent dangers that you may have not considered. This article explores hidden dangers in wearable technology that you must consider, and you must speak with every member of your staff about this problem before wearable tech is used to access sensitive documents.

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#1: Security Problems

The watch you use to check your emails or glasses that allow you to see heads-up displays all possess documents and information that cannot be lost or stolen. Your business could be put in serious jeopardy with the loss of just one device, and you could spend months attempting to recover from such a loss. This is especially true now that more companies are managing things like their ip camera hosting from their smart devices. The employees in your office must be urged to avoid using wearable technology to access company documentation. Replacing a few personal files is much easier than recovering from the scandal that could ensue when your company’s data is lost in a pair of glasses or a watch. Business security, after all, should always be a top priority.

#2: Eye Trouble

Your eyes are put through quite a bit of strain during the day, and wearable technology simply makes the strain that much more intense. A pair of glasses with a heads-up display will cause you to squint and dart your eyes to read, and a watch with a tiny display will force you to squint when there is insufficient lighting. Your eyes will be put to the test every day, and you may begin to develop headaches from using wearable tech too much. Moderate your use of these items when you are at work, and ensure that you do not overdose on wearable technology over the weekend. You will feel the pain of overuse when you get to the office on Monday.

#3: These Items Are Easy To Break

Wearable technology devices are beautiful, but these devices are fragile. A watch or pair of glasses is pretty small, and you could drop or break these items easily. You must be careful with the wearable tech items you purchase for yourself, and you must offer specific guidelines for employees who use wearable tech. A list of rules to govern how these items are used will help you prevent expensive accidents in the future.

Your buying principles must change when you invest in wearable tech. Do your own research into each item you must purchase, and only select items that appear to hold up to daily use. Your business cannot afford to purchase items that will break down, and you could lose sensitive documents when the devices fail. You must spend more money to destroy these items to prevent document theft, and you will feel as though the wearable tech items are too expensive.

#4: Wearable Tech Does Work


You can make wearable technology work at your home or office if you have done your research in advance. Consider how long you must keep a piece of wearable technology until it has paid for itself, and search for items that will last at least that long. Ask your employees which pieces of wearable technology they are comfortable with, and avoid wearable tech that does not fit with your office environment. You can make each piece of technology worth the money with a bit of wisdom.


Wearable technology comes with health and safety concerns that you must consider before buying. A piece of wearable tech can give you a headache or make you more productive, and only you can decide how the technology will work in your environment.

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