10 Tips To Keep Your Phone Battery Going

Ever since the emergence of smartphones, we have become heavily dependent on these mobile electronic gadgets.

Right from making calls to online shopping and banking, you use your phone for just about everything. Today, life would be very difficult to imagine without a smartphone.

tips to save smartphone battery

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Have you ever encountered your phone battery dying when you need to make an emergency phone call? Many of us have faced this issue at some point of time.

Power banks like the xiaomi mi power bank that you can buy from Rediff.com are saviours no doubt, but here are some useful tips that will help to increase your phone battery life.

Disable GPS

Certain apps on your smartphone make use of GPS for location tracking. This feature is a battery guzzler as well as a threat to your privacy. It is best to disable your GPS facility when you’re not using Maps for both your privacy and to enhance your battery life.

Turn Off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Searching for signal eats up the battery life. When you do not have the need to stay connected it is best to turn off the connectivity to 3G/4G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.  Always try and access in high connectivity zones to save on your battery.

Close Unused Apps

Smartphones have innumerable apps and running them in the background is squeezing out the life out of your battery. Make sure that you close apps after use.

Dim Your Screen

You can conserve a great amount of battery by dimming your smartphone’s brightness. Enable the auto brightness setting so that the brightness is set to optimal reading while conserving precious battery life.

Switch Off Your Phone When Not In Use

If you are not going to check your phone for a couple of hours, it is best to switch it off. Doing so will conserve more battery than putting the phone in sleep mode.

Turn Off The Vibration

If you are keen to prolong the battery life, turn off the vibration, as it eats up more power than the ringtone.

Decrease Screen Time Out

By keeping the timeout duration short, it is possible to save power and keep the battery going.  Doing so will put the background screen light off after you are done with your task.

Charge Your Phone Correctly

Identify the type of rechargeable battery used in your phone , whether it is lithium or nickel based. Make sure that you’re charging the battery according to the manufacturer’s instructions so that you can derive optimum battery usage.

Cut Down On Notifications

Every time there is an incoming alert, your screen lights up and vibrates. Hundreds of these every day suck the power from your phone battery. Manage your phone settings such that you can block out all unwanted notifications.


Keep Your Phone Cool

Keep your phone away from direct sunlight. The less your phone overheats, the better it is for its battery life.

These simple tips, along with power banks that you can buy from Rediff.com, will ensure that you’ll never run out of charge at a crucial moment again!

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