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Ways to Remove Bloatware from Android Handsets

A complete guide on Bloatwares and how to remove them
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Before we get started with the actual content on the process to remove bloatware it is very important to understand what is bloatware. This article will guide you throughout the whole procedure defining each and every term properly. If you are new to this term and you really want to clear some clutter from your phone for a smooth functioning then get ready for a detailed information.

What is Bloatware?

When you realise your phone is working slow and you peep across the apps you have installed in your phone. In such cases you might have noticed that your phone consists of some apps which you never downloaded and have not used. This leaves you with a bunch of question:

  1. Did someone from your family downloaded those apps secretly in your phone?
  2. Was your phone hacked by someone?
  3. Why? How? When? Aestdfy? (you are left with a confused state of mind)

This is very normal. Trust me when I was new to technology even I has the same questions which is why I decided to write a complete guide to help you newbies out there.  The apps which you think secretly found their way into your phone are bloatwares. Bloatwares are applications which are pre-installed in your handsets and cause no harm to your device. They add up unnecessary storage to your device resulting to ‘bloat’.

Who installs them and Why?

Both the manufacturers and carriers (T-Mobiles, the AT&Ts, Verizons, etc) of our Android and Windows devices get equal opportunity to pre-load apps and softwares designed by their company. Even Apple pre-installs many applications. These applications cannot be deleted .

What can you do about it?

For each device the it is different. On one hand Windows phone users can easily delete these unnecessary applications, however for Android users it depends on the device and depends on the model of the phone, manufacturers and carriers. Because of the gazillion phone options and varieties of androids present in the market it is difficult to categorise the methods of removing the bloatware. Also, there is no fixed way to remove them and it is not necessary that the methods will work in all the devices however; we will try to help you with it. Even apple users get stuck with the same problem. (The guide of removing the bloatware is for android users)

You can read this article to know  how to remove Bloatwares from Apple iOS.

Apps which you can/cannot remove:

This is the part which you really want to concentrate on before hoping into the steps to remove the unwanted apps. Well this cannot be explained a lot in depth as all the phones work on different systems so it will be hard to go into the technical part. All, we can say is these apps which you feel you don’t use a lot or a useless actually have a lot to do with the performance of your phone.

This does not mean each and every bloatware present in your phone is useful too. But before removing keep in mind that not all of these apps are available on play store, so be a bit considerate before removing them and take some time before going ahead. You might want to check which application are available in the play store first before deleting the, this will be handy for you if your phone backfires.

After an in-depth guide on what bloatwares are? How they effect on your phone? Why they are installed? Etc its time to get into the real question and explore the ways to remove these apps from Rooted Devices and Not Rooted Devices:

How to Remove Bloatwares:

  1. from Rooted Devices:

When a handset is rooted it has the capability to discard any of the pre-loaded or system applications. You can do this       with the help of various applications present in Google Play store. The NoBloat Free application is one of them which works perfectly well. This app assists you to discard the system apps and also gives you the option to create a backup of those apps simultaneously.

NoBloat Free
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In order to discard the app all you have to do is tap-open NoBloat Free and select ‘System Apps’. Further, scroll through the apps and choose the app you don’t want in your phone. As soon as you choose a particular app you will be presented with the following options ‘Disable’, ‘Backup’, ‘Backup and Delete’ and ‘Delete without Backup’. Keep in mind, you will require a SD Card to save the backup of that application. You can also use the alternative apps like System App Remover, 3C Tool, etc.

NoBloat Free
Pic Courtesy: Beebom

  1. from Not Rooted Device:

Unfortunately, there is no specific or promising way of discarding Bloatwares from noon-rooted devices. Some tools are available in XDA which might help you discard the bloatware and system apps. However, when we tried out some tools it failed to remove those apps. We came to the conclusion that, no tool can help you remove the bloatwares totally in non-rooted devices.

1. Open Settings and then tap on ‘Apps’. Then scroll through the list and choose the app you don’t want so it can be disabled.

2. When you choose a particular app in the Apps section it will direct you to the App info You are provided with two options ‘Disable’ and ‘Force Stop’. When you select the option ‘Disable’ it ask for confirmation and then again pop another message warning you that it may your phone’s performance, select ‘Disable App’.

Disable Applications3. In the Nougat version of android the app’s data gets deleted by itself. However, if you own an old android version then you have to consider deleting the data manually. For that you can simple go to App Info proceed to Storage and hit Clear Data. It is also recommended that you do ‘Force Stop’, ‘Clear Cache’ and ‘Uninstall updates’. This will allow you to make the maximum amount of space by freeing the storage.

4. When you successfully disable the app, the app will not be visible in the android apps you possess in your phone (in your apps menu) or in any other folder. Except, you can still find it in the Apps section with the option to ‘Enable’ it. After disabling the app will not take a lot of memory just a tiny bit of it.

5. If you by chance your mind and want to enable the app and you possess an older version of android the simply choose Settings, then Apps, tap the drop down box labelled ‘All Apps’ and select the ‘Disabled’ option. After which, tap the three vertical drops in the right corner of the screen and select ‘Show System’ this will allow you to see the system’s app. Select the app which you have disabled and tap on the option ‘Enable’.

Find Disabled Apps and Enable them

Ready to make space in your phone’s memory?

Its true there is no promising method to remove bloatwares from non-rooted devices although this is the only alternative for now. However, this method effectively makes space in your phone’s memory. Anyway overall, the above mentioned tricks will surely help you with your problem. Let us know what you prefer to free up your phone’s memory.