What is the maximum mail size in Gmail and how to increase it?

There are lots and lots of huge file sharing websites all over the internet, but most of us still want to share the file directly in the old fashioned way by using Gmail. Though like many mail servers, attachments have a maximum mail size in Gmail. Have you ever wondered what is the maximum mail size in gmail? It is limited up to 20 MB. But after the cloud storage service was integrated with Gmail, now you can attach 4 times of the file that you could attach earlier, that is from 20 MB to 10 GB. Even with this feature, you can also choose any type of permission for sharing huge files!

The bottom line of Gmail is that it is a Google approach that lets you chat and send emails.  It is actually free and unlimited online storage in a practical way which helps you to collect all the messages. The simple and smart interface of Gmail also helps you to find emails in a very precise manner.

Mobile screen

Thumbs up

  • POP or free IMAP is provided by Gmail that lets you send and receive messages from any address.
  • You can easily and in a smart fashion sort, search and mark your important messages and organize chat conversations and emails.
  • The web interface is fast and it works offline also.

maximum mail size in Gmail

Thumbs down

  • Gmail could have provided techniques such as reply suggestions or learning labels in order to organize mail in a better way than before.
  • When you search for emails it not at all comfortable and smart like when we search in the web with the help of Google.
  • The maximum mail size in gmail is 10GB whereas the online storage which is free is only 15 GB.

To send files smaller than the gmail max attachment size:

The simple steps by which you can send smaller files are:

Sending files using gmail

  1. Open your Gmail account and click on compose.
  2. Move the cursor on the ‘+’ symbol or ‘Attach files’ option while you are going to compose a mail
  3. Click on ‘Insert files using Drive’ option
  4. In order to send 1 or more than 1 files from your pc, that you have not still uploaded using Google Drive, follow these steps:

Google Drive

  • Move to the upload category
  • Hold and drag 1 or more than 1 files from your pc and release or drop it on the option of ‘Drag files’
  • If you don’t see this particular option, after selecting the files you want to upload using ‘Select files’, and after that click on ‘Add more files’.
  • After all the files are selected, click on ‘Open’ and then on ‘Upload’

Uploading files on google drive

Increasing the maximum mail size in Gmail to 10 GB using Google Drive

To increase the gmail attachment size limit, here are the simple steps by which you can send big files using Google Drive are:

  1. Click on ‘My Drive’ option
  2. Select all the files or documents that you want to send
  3. You can also use labels and search option to locate all the files
  4. Next, tap your mouse pointer on the insert option.

If you want to share every file or document that are not shared in Google Drive will all the receivers, after that clicking on send follow these steps:

  1. If you want that everyone can see the link, but cannot comment or edit these files, then choose ‘can view’ option from the category that says ‘Anyone with the link’.
  2. If you want that everyone can comment or edit these files, then choose ‘can edit’ option from the category that says ‘Anyone with the link’.
  3. If you want that everyone can see the link as well as a comment but not edit these files, then choose ‘can comment’ option from the category that says ‘Anyone with the link’.

Google Drive sharing options

If you want to share all the files and documents with the receivers and not a link with the help of Google Drive, then follow these steps:

  1. Select the option that says ‘More’
  2. Do not forget about all the receivers of the mail that should be selected under ‘Change how these files are shared on Drive’
  3. Again select the options of the recipients about seeing, editing and commenting on the file
  4. Click on ‘Share and send’

Sharing files using google drive

If you do not want any link that comes with any kind of permission without adding and altering, select ‘Send without sharing’ option.

So what more do you expect from Google? Speed, search, and simplicity?  This is actually what you Gmail offer you!  With the elegant and simple interface and a number of very useful keyboard shortcuts, Gmail does a very speedy operation. Not only this, but Gmail also has a very thorough virus and malware checking process.

The value of this feature is of immense value as it can remove 99.9% risks that your computer can face. The anti-malware program is also constantly upgraded by Google to provide you more protection. Though the maximum mail size in Gmail is not that much, it does provide you with the best features.

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