How to Backup iPhone With iTunes and iCloud or Apps

You are well aware how is it crucial to backup iPhone data and to make it safe. Some of the data like contacts, messages, photos and other essential things are placed in our iPhone. It may be baffling whenever we lost all the iPhone data.

There are plenty of apps, software, and service which may help you to keep and backup iPhone data safely. iCloud is one of the best platform to keep the data iPhone data safe. However, We have some other ways to take backup of your iPhone data apart from iCloud. So let’s begin with the very first way to backup your iPhone to keep it safe and secure.

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How to Backup iPhone Data With iCloud?

It is one of the safest methods to take backup of iPhone or iPad. It allows you to keep your apps data, contacts, messages safely to the Apple’s iCloud. All the iOS and Mac users are allowed to take their data backup as it is already installed on all the Apple devices. You can use 5 GB space free of cost. But you to pay for extra storage after 5GB. You can purchase 200 GB space for $2.99 per month or 1 TB for $9.99 per month.

There are two ways to take iCloud backup. The first one is the manual way and the second one is automatic daily basis way. First, we will discuss manual way.

How to Manually Backup iPhone With iCloud.

  • First of all, connect your device to Wi-Fi network.
  • Go to Settings and go to iCloud. (See screenshot for reference).
  • Now go to Backup and turn On iCloud Backup.
  • Tap Back Up Now. The backup will start and make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi until the process completes.

This is how we can take backup of iPhone data manually to iCloud.

How to Automatically Backup iPhone Data With iCloud ?

This option will let your iPhone to backup data with iCloud automatically on a daily basis.

  • Go to Settings > iCloud > Backup. Make sure the backup is turned ON.

iCloud will take the backup after every 24 hours. It will take backup when you iPhone or iPad will be connected to Wi-Fi and charger. For the first time backup, it may take a while, but after that, it will take less time and will only upload changes you have made since last backup.

Backup iPhone Photos and Data With iTunes?

If you want to backup iPhone to computer, then this method works for you. You just need iTunes installed on your Windows PC, either it is already installed on Mac computers.

  • Connect your device to the computer and open iTunes.
  • Now search for your device on the left side of the iTunes window, next to the category dropdown menu. Click on it.
  • Select Summary as you can see it in the screenshot.
  • Tap on the Back Up Now under the Backups section. Select Done when the process ends.
  • If you want to save passwords, activity, health, home kit data, tick the Encrypt local backup option. You will have to create a password for the Encrypt data.

All done now! Your data will successfully save on your computer. Now lets mover further!

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5 Best Backup iPhone Apps Without iTunes

1. iPhone Backup Using Dropbox


It is the king of Cloud platform and has been one of the best platforms for many business owners and professionals since it was founded. Not only iOS devices, Android and Windows can also use this service to keep their important data safe and secure. It allows you to transfer your whole iPhone’s data to the cloud and even you can access your data any time with the Dropbox app. You can setup automated uploads, which will upload your data to the cloud automatically.

How to Backup iPhone With iTunes and iCloud or Apps 1

Dropbox offers you free 2 GB space and you can upgrade up to 20 GB free of cost just by inviting your friends to register and by downloading the Dropbox app to your phone. If you more space, you can buy 1 TB space just for $11 per month.

How to Backup iPhone With iTunes and iCloud or Apps 2


Easy to use, free plan, excellent file sharing options


Limited Security

2. Google Drive iPhone Backup


After Dropbox, Google offers you another best platform to backup iPhone to the cloud and keep it safely. You can easily share and sync your iPhone’s data to the Google Drive and even you can access your files on the go anytime and anywhere. With its collaborative tools, you can edit your documents from your phone. The Google Photos allows you to upload your photos and videos to the cloud automatically without pixel loss.

How to Backup iPhone With iTunes and iCloud or Apps 1

You can store your data free of cost up to 15 GB only. After you have to purchase more space from one of the plans varying from 100 GB for $1.99 per month to 30 TB for $299.99 per month.

How to Backup iPhone With iTunes and iCloud or Apps 2


Fast and Simple file sharing.


Few security features.

3. MediaFire iPhone Backup


If you want to take care of your important data with the minimum of fuss, then MediaFire is the best option for you. You can easily backup your iPhone or iPad and restore it very easily and simple. Even you can set an automatic feature to upload your photos and videos automatically.

How to Backup iPhone With iTunes and iCloud or Apps 1

You will get 10 GB free space and after you can purchase 1TB space at just $5 per month. MediaFire is cheapest among others.

How to Backup iPhone With iTunes and iCloud or Apps 2


Very user-friendly, the basic process works well.


Limited ways to contact the support team.

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4. Backup iPhone to Microsoft OneDrive


OneDrive by Microsoft is another best cloud storage service which offers 15 GB of free storage. You can upload original photos and videos without pixel lose to the cloud. The automatic option is also available as like other apps.

How to Backup iPhone With iTunes and iCloud or Apps 1

After 15 GB free space, you can buy 100 GB for $1.99 per month. The Personal subscription is awesome, which offers 1 TB of space and full access to Office 365 Personal on one PC or Mac, one iPad, and one iPhone at just $6.99 per month.

How to Backup iPhone With iTunes and iCloud or Apps 2


Cheap than others, easy and simple to use.


Limited features of security.

5. Backup iPhone using IDrive


It is an all-purpose platform to take backup of photos, videos, contacts, messages and much more. The security is good as compared to other services.

How to Backup iPhone With iTunes and iCloud or Apps 1

You will get 5 GB of free space and you can extend this space up to 20 GB by inviting friends to sign up. The basic plan starts from 1 TB for $3.71 per month

How to Backup iPhone With iTunes and iCloud or Apps 2


Adorable price, Excellent Security.


Price increased after one year, Moderate Customer Service.


Although backing up iPhone may be a hassle, but it is very essential as you may lose your important data if in case you lost your phone or if your phone got damage. Even if you are going to replace or change to another iPhone model, then backup is very helpful.

All the services, apps that we discussed above are very effective. You can choose any one to backup iPhone or iPad.

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