Sunday, June 16, 2019

Amazing Gmail Search Tricks you didn't know

With the evolution of smartphones possessing a Gmail account has become mandatory. Also, owning a Gmail account for handling small businesses has a lot of advantages. Gmail also enables a lot of features preserving the interests of its users. To name a few – security, ease of its use, flexibility of its storage, storing pictures in the drive and maintain back up, etc.

Search tricks your should know to keep gmail onto your fingertips
Image Courtesy: Wired

I have always been a Google fan in terms of its quality, convenience and simplicity. Enlisting why it is my favourite might take some while. However, we are familiar with the fact that Gmail’s parent brand has brought a lot features. Introducing new features is fine, but it is important that user’s should know the use of these features thoroughly to make it easier.

There are some tricks which will keep your Gmai Inbox onto your fingertips. Here are tips you should learn in order to make it easy:

1.Finding old mails:

Finding old emails can be a real pain in the nerve when it’s important and you’ve not read the mail. Unread mails consume time. To save some time use the search word “is:important is:unread”. With this google will search through our mails and enlist all the unread mails which might be important for you.

Gmail will pick the important mails based on who sent those mails and what the mail is about. If you are looking for mails which are very old then use the attributes “before:  Year/Month/Date” (use the date you wish to in this format). One can also use “before: 2017" to search older mails.

Lastly the email you are trying to find out was sent through Hangouts (also known as Gchat) use “in:chats” in your search option.  This will make your search even more specific.

  1. Saving your Storing Space:

This trick will help you saving space on your Gmail account. Search trick and saving storage space? Interesting! Well this is possible if your search for files which have larger attachments and delete them.

By use this search attribute “has: attachment larger_than:10mb” in order to get rid of large attachments. This will sort your mails and the unwanted mails can be deleted. Also, undesired mails in which you were copied can be cleared by using search option “cc:me” or “bcc: me” (or both with “cc:me OR bcc:me”).

Searching according to specific person/ company to clear the inbox which can be done by using “from:email address.” The search trick is not just limited to the specific person/ company name but can also be searched according to file types. For example, you can use “filename:jpg” or “filename:gif” or “filename:pdf,” in that case.

To save additional storage you can unsubscribe from a lot of your mails at the same time. This can be done by using “label:^unsub” search trick This will find the mails with unsubscribed links and get rid of them.

  1. Keeping your mail organised:

There is one more trick in order keep your Gmail inbox under your command. You can organise your inbox with labels by searching “has: nouserlabels” which help you in finding mails which broke loose from your system. You can then either deleted them or categorize them.