Vodafone Webbox – Turn Your TV Into Computer

Vodafone recently unveiled the most awaited device Vodafone Webbox which brings internet to your normal TV and turns it into a Computer, Vodafone Webbox is the first device of its kind that connects you to the internet from TV in an affordable price tag. It is nothing but the simple keyboard which can be plugged into an existing television set. Vodafone Webbox allows you to surf the internet, chat with your friends or colleagues, send SMS, play the games, listen to music, check your documents or have a look at your photos and send e-mail. Webbox brings all-new and fresh experience to your entire family.

vodafone webbox

Vodafone Webbox Features

Vodafone Webbox is a glossy and black colored handy QWERTY keyboard which uses standard RCA connectors to plug into the television. Top features of the Vodafone Webbox are-

  1. You can surf the internet, chat with your friends and send emails by inserting the Vodafone SIM in Vodafone Webbox
  2. Send SMS and MMS to your contacts as you do in normal mobile
  3. Access various apps including Calendar, Calculator, Photo Album, Music Player, FM Radio, Stopwatch and Text Editor.
  4. Vodafone Webbox comes up with an easy installation and usage therefore you can fetch all its features with “Plug and Play” option and switch between multiple applications with multitaskingvodafone webbox
  5. You can listen to music, FM and of course watch the videos
  6. View PDF Documents  and edit MS-world documents as well
  7.  It is possible to expand the memory of Vodafone Webbox upto 16GB by using external micro SD card
  8. Along with the features listed above Vodafone Webbox comes with Opera mini browser for fast internet surfing
  9. In connectivity features Vodafone Webbox included EDGE and 2.5G.
  10. To make Vodafone Webbox user friendly Vodafone has also included Hindi language support.
  11. Vodafone Webbox comes up with 2 years warranty which adds an additional reason to buy this.

Vodafone Webbox Pricing

Vodafone has set an affordable price tag to Vodafone Webbox, It has been tagged with Rs.5000 to Rs.6000 in various shopping outlets.