TVARK: A Unique Online Television Museum

old classic televisionHey, ever wanted to know how television ads in the old looked like? Just have a look at Tv-Ark. It is a great resource for exploring the history of television channels and television media. And you can also find some funny advertisement of giant companies in past. In-fact it has a very interesting Home page which is a bit confusing for a first time visitor but very interesting. The home page has a lots of old televisions listed and when you hover over one of them you’ll find the categories to search for, it is worth clicking on any part of the page coz you’ll get something interesting for each click. You can watch very interesting Classic TV shows.

TVARK was the winer of TELLYWEBS Award 2003. Voted 1. Most popular site TV Ark 2. Best updated and maintained site TV Ark 3. Best named site TV Ark 4. Best site for media clips TV Ark 5. Best site for BBCtv TV Ark 6. Best site for ITV1 TV Ark 7. Best site for Satellite and Cable stations TV Ark 8. Best.

television museam

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TVARK: A Unique Online Television Museum 1
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