How To Watch 3D Videos on YouTube -Tips and Tricks

Watching videos in 3D is an awesome experience. You can get to watch 3D movies in 3D theaters and also on 3D TVs. It’s also possible to watch 3D movies on YouTube. Yeah, you read it right. You need to have appropriate 3D glasses and videos. 3D glasses can be obtained from your nearby stores or you can buy them online. An important fact to be known is that you need to watch videos in the appropriate 3D mode as supported by the 3D glasses.

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What you need to watch 3d videos?

To watch 3D videos you should have the right set of 3D glasses. Also the 3D mode of the video you watch should match the 3D mode supported by your glasses. This matching is necessary because a particular type of 3D glasses use a specific type of technology to bifurcate the images seen by our left and right eyes. These images are processed by our brain to give us the 3D depth effect. So it’s important to know what type of 3D glasses you are using.

Types of 3d glasses.

3D glasses are of four major types. Let’s take a look at each of them.

Polarized 3D Glasses

Polarized 3D Glasses

Polarized 3D glasses use polarizing filters and works by restricting the amount of light entering each of our eyes through these filters present in the lenses. Since it uses different light frequencies to separate images without giving up the quality, polarized 3D glasses deliver a superior quality viewing experience. These glasses are usually used in 3D movie theaters.

Anaglyph 3D Glasses

Anaglyph 3D Glasses

This kind of 3D glasses are available for a reasonable and low cost and hence also most popularly used. It’s one of the oldest 3D technologies and provides a good 3D viewing experience, but not as good as Polarized 3D glasses. It uses color filters to bifurcate the left and right images. Anaglyph 3D Glasses are present in red cyan, red green, red blue, green magenta and blue amber filters.

Pulfrich 3D Glasses

Pulfrich 3D Glasses

This type uses two lenses one completely transparent and other heavily tinted. A delay is introduced in detecting the light passing through the two lenses by our brain which in turn produces a 3D viewing effect.

3D Shutter Glasses

3D Shutter Glasses

This technology uses a dynamic set of 3D glasses which block the view of one eye then the other in successions. This type is used in 3D TVs. The TV displays two alternating images. The combined effect produces a 3D effect. The glasses are synced with the TV to keep the cycling synchronized.

Watching 3D videos on YouTube

You can watch 3D videos on YouTube provided you have 3D glasses. YouTube supports anaglyph red cyan, anaglyph green magenta, anaglyph blue yellow, interleaved, side by side and the new HTML5 stereo view. Going with the anaglyph glasses is reasonable since they are available at a lesser price. YouTube provides various 3D channels specially having 3D videos. Take a look at Top 10 3D YouTube Videos One Must Watch.

Watching 3D videos on YouTube -Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks for watching 3d videos on YouTube

  • Ensure you have the proper 3D glasses to get a good 3D viewing experience.
  • Ensure that you are watching a 3D video specially made for 3D viewing.
  • Set the appropriate mode i.e. if you have red cyan anaglyph glasses set the mode to RedCyan.
  • Go for anaglyph type of 3D glasses as they cost less and are easily available.
  • While watching 3D videos get yourself in a dark room or just turn off the lights in your room. This gives a much better 3D experience.
  • Watch in full screen mode for a good 3D viewing experience.

Enjoy watching 3D videos on YouTube.

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