Tips to follow and fulfill your new year resolution.

New year is a new beginning, the old gives way to the new and the new is now getting started and its the best time to start new habits, set goals. Some of you vow to start new habits, to do more exercise, practice yoga, have walk everyday or do something different . Everyone has their own new year resolution, it may be a huge list for some, and for some it can be just one or two. But if you don’t have a resolution yet, trust me, you should defiantly start something new this year.

But if you really want your new year resolution see happening, then you should act upon it, not just on the first day, but till you achieve your goal. “Live it or leave it.

Lets see how you can make sure you act this year.
New year resolution

Don’t fail to plan early.

Just like anything, you should fix your destination before you start to drive, because if you end up being nowhere, that serves no purpose.

Set your time and priorities aside

Check your essentials, think about outcomes, prioritize accordingly, do not let your attention get diverted to something which has no positive outcome. Set your priorities based not based on what you need, it should be set based on why you need it. If the answer to the question “why” is something too simple, then set it aside and do things which have more reason to be “why”.

Stick to a plan, but also be realistic

You need a plan and you should follow it, but don’t be blind and follow it without understanding the ground reality and the real world circumstances sometimes change time to time. So be realistic, but have a plan. In simple world, don’t let your plan spoil your life.

Don’t complaint constraints. Learn something new

Oh yeah you hear it from people all the time, I don’t have enough time/money/people/experience.” Stop whining. Less is a good thing. Embrace constraints. Constraints are advantages in disguise. Limited resources force you to make do with what you’ve got. There’s no room for waste. And that forces you to be creative. Less is more, what you accomplish from the limited is what proves your skills.

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But know your limitation

Don’t set your goal which is unimaginably hard to accomplish, don’t plan to go to mars when you really know you can’t. What I mean to say is don’t take too much burden to your head and waste your precious time behind it. Instead know your limitations or break your goal into steps, and try to achieve it one by one.

Track your progress & write your dairy

Just like I said above, don’t fail to break big goals and dreams into different parts or stages, and have a self-discipline to follow your own rules and track how good you are going.

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Make use of apps and technology whenever you can

Yes, being productive also means being smart. Make use of task management applications like or Wunderlist. Have a tracking system, write dairy everyday, explain things of the day and don’t forget to track your progress and act upon it being realistic.

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If you don’t have a habit of writing down your everyday moments, then new year is the best time to begin with. Use idonethis to get an email remainder to write down notes everyday. iDoneThis simply you mail everyday day at the time you set and your replies to the mail will be to added to your online dairy.

I hope this post helps you start new habits and stay productive this year. Leave your comments below.

Tips to follow and fulfill your new year resolution. 1
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