How to beat Facebook addiction – Infographic

Social media networks have become one of the most pivotal parts of modern society and leading the pack is Facebook, with over 1 billion worldwide users but what can we do if we realise we are becoming a bit too dependent on the platform?

Our friends at Who Is Hosting This have looked at how we can beat facebook addiction, based on research developed in Norway to help measure the reliance we have on Facebook.

Some of the suggested ways to kick the habit include installing the messenger app on our phones so we don’t get inundated with messages from chatty friends and deactivating your account for a short while whilst you have a break from the service and try and find normal routine back in your life.

Have a look below and see if any of the suggested tips can help you or someone you know who might be using facebook a little bit too much!




How to beat Facebook addiction - Infographic 1
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