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Sticky NotesDo you have the habit of writing down notes on sticky notes? I hope you know what is Sticky notes. if you don’t know then just have a look at the picture below. So now you know what is sticky notes and you must have used it as a sidebar widget in Windows Vista Operating System. But even wanted to have share sticky notes when you surf the web? The sticky notes can help you track and share good Web sites, news stories or whatever grabs your attention. lets you use sticky notes wherever you go on web. However, to make the sticky notes work you will have to register and install a plug-in for your Web browser. Moreover you can drag and drop the sticky notes anywhere on your desktop screen. To add notes to sticky notes just highlight the text on a web page and “Stick It” button will appear next to the text. You can get this add on here

sticky notes

Stickr is not only a browser add on but it also lets you track your friends online activity, let them track yours, discuss websites, leave opinions, warnings, greetings, use rich media comments -anywhere, meet new people, have fun, get rating. You can watch the video below to get a clear idea about how to use Stickr.

Link: Leave Sticky Notes All Over The Internet 1
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