10 Great Apple Watch Apps You Can be Really Enthusiastic About

Anyone can get excited about a smartwatch and when it is an Apple watch, there is no limit to the excitement. Many luxury watch brands are manufacturing smartwatches and the coming years will see more intelligent wrist wearable.

The Apple watch also consists of many unique features similar to the unique features of the Apple devices that make it completely unique from the other wearable available from other brands.

The Apple watch has many different features like fitness trackers, digital crown, scrolling and zoom, etc. Lets look at some apple watch apps

apps for apple watch

Reasons to buy Apple watch

There are a number of reasons to buy AppleWatch. Let’s see some of the reasons as to why people would love to buy one.

  • An iDevice will keep you moving. It is sort of motivator wearable that will stay very close to you just on your wrist and will keep updating you for various custom alerts.
  • The watch will keep the user organized. It basically liberates the users from the smartphone. It just needs a few clicks to operate an AppleWatch.
  • It is best for the people working in health and technology sectors. As a technology freak, it is the best wearable in today’s tech world.
  • If you are a fan of iDevices, then you will surely not miss this amazing iDevice on your wrist that will keep you updated all the time.

If you are planning to buy an Apple watch, then here are the few applications that are worth using.


  • Apple Pay

apple pay apple watch app

Apple Pay has the killer features and it is not a third party app. This is the smart application that makes the user click on the side button to bring up the image of your credit card. You can then move to an NFC enabled terminal and can make the payment from it. It will give you a signal when the payment is done right from your wrist.

This acts as the host of other ticket apps. The application allows a wireless payment whenever the user wants. It is a very convenient method of making payments on the go.

  • Evernote

Apple watch app for Evernote

Evernote is an application that is available everywhere. The major feature of using this app is that it allows to record voice notes. It is fun to record your voice right from the wrist.

A wearable technology needs applications to be quicker and more viewable. An app on the iWatch always complements the app on the phone. Evermore is the combined version of both the iPhone and Apple watch versions. They have worked together to create this beautiful app. Evernote lets you set reminders and check off items in your list without even using the phone.

Evermore allows you to read on the AppleWatch, then you can continue reading on the iPhone and then back again. This helps moving from the wrist to the hand and then back again.

  • Citymapper

citymapper apple watch  app

Citymapper is the best transit app till now. Its watch specific functionality makes it more special and better. It keeps your hands free and allows you to look at the directions on the AppleWatch. Whenever a specific destination is reached, it buzzes at the wrist and you get an alert that your stop has arrived.

This is one of the best apps on your Apple Watch if you are a tourist and are a frequent traveler.

  • Instagram

apple watch app for instagram

This app is owned and maintained by Facebook. Having Instagram right on the wrist is very exciting.

Quality does not matter and so the small screen should not get affected. We all know that there is a lot of functionality on the other versions of Instagram, so the small screen is getting a bit messy with all the features of the app.

  • BetterWorks


This app will make the sales force better than ever before. It is a specialized app for the customers that will work parallel to the existing mobile software. Instant alerts are also available.

BetterWorks is a great application for the sales teams and the digital marketers as well. The latter can be alerted whenever a marketing campaign reached the target goal.

  • WeChat

wechat apple watch app

WeChat is available for the AppleWatch as well. The users can send and receive messages on WeChat right on the wrist. They can also use stickers during the conversation as well.

WeChat is sure to make a prominent place. China will be the first country to get this app for the Watch as China is the second most important market for Apple.

It adds the ability to accept friend requests and can view the nearby users as well.

  • Alarm.com

apple watch app alarm.com app

This is one of the smartest applications for AppleWatch. It is basically a smart home app. It allows the user to open the garage door and lock all the smart-locks as well. It automatically connects to the devices in your home and will give you a smart and integrated approach towards operating all the home devices.

The app is created for quick interactions. The best feature of this application is the video feed that can be directly viewed from your home in your watch.

The app is also Home kit compatible and it is going to work great on your wrist. Customized alerts are also possible in this application . You can set various alerts for the important activities in your day. The app creates an instant window for you in your home.

  • Shazam


Identifying a song playing at a bar by opening Shazam on your mobile phone is an impressive trick. This is a nice way to listen songs, but the unimpressive part of this is opening the phone and then finding out the application and then looking for the specific song to play.

Shazam on the wrist can add wonders to it as you will be a tap distance away from your favorite notes.

  • StepWise

StepWise apple watch app

This is a great fitness tracker app and allows the user to count the steps he or she walks in a specified period of time.

StepWise is basically a pedometer application that can be managed directly from the wrist of the user. It is a must-have.

  • Dude

Dude is a context aware messaging application, especially for the iWatch. The app allows the user to pick any location for the nearby list of places and even select a contact to tweet it.

The context-aware sentence is created and is based on the time of the day and current location of the user. It allows the users to have an update about what their friends are doing at the time.

Google begins supporting Apple Watch with News & Weather app

Future of Apple Watch Apps

Creating applications for the AppleWatch is a billion dollar opportunity for the developers. There should be apps that make iDevice a must-have wearable instead of a luxury accessory.

As far as the future of apps is concerned, there will be more interactive applications for the Applewatch in the near future. Developers are working hard on creating unique applications. Better improvements will be seen in the hardware of the Watch. It is planned to be slimmer that now.

There are many ideas with Apple that will be surely seen in the iWatch in the coming few years itself. The company has to look for innovative ways in order to make the device as a must-have. There are many features available on the smartphones, so why need an AppleWatch? This is a big and a tricky question for Apple.

Apple watch is surely going to change people’s day to day life in the future, especially the office going people. There will be a number of apps that will solely be for the office goings. More engagement would be needed in such apps in order to make the watch more effective to wear. There are many new productivity apps in development that will definitely be able to track the time to always go valuable. People are optimistic for this new and smart gadget to be more user-friendly in the future.

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