ShareitGetit- An Easy to Use SMO toolbar for Social Media Optimization

Having a strong social presence is a must do task for blogs and websites which can be achieved by social media optimization (SMO). Here is an useful online tool to make SMO job more easy to vote and promote your website or blog post on various social network sites including Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, stumble upon and Pinterest.

What is ShareitGetit?

Let me clarify SMO toolbar first, SMO toolbar or a social signal toolbar is nothing but a toolbar that allows you to vote for your blog post or website with ease, usually the people who make social media optimization exchange 5-6 links of various social network sites including Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, stumble upon and Pinterest and start voting which is definitely a lengthy process, but in a social signal toolbar (SMO toolbar) you just need to specify your website or blog post and you are ready to vote for all major social network sites.


Shareitgetit Social Media Optimization toolbar
Shareitgetit website preview

ShareitGetit is a FREE SMO toolbar that has 6 social sharing buttons. By using ShareitGetit you can vote for your content on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, stumble upon and Pinterest. In more simple words ShareitGetit is an online tool alternative to ButtonSpace and with more features, SMO guys will surely find some new stuff in ShareitGetit.

You can read more about how social signals can drive traffic on SEOmoz by Dr. Pete.

How to Use ShareitGetit?

Using Share it Get it is simple, You can use it either by user interface or by query string (parameters). Loading the website is optional in ShareitGetit that saves lots of time for professional social media optimizers.

Using ShareitGetit with user interface

  1. Open website
  2. Specify your website or blog post URL in the text box
  3. Check “Check this to load URL below” (optional) to load the website and hit “GO>>” button
  4. Start voting

Using ShareitGetit by query string (parameters)

Using with query string is pretty simple, just type and press enter and start voting. If you want to load website in query string mode then just add “traffic=on” parameter, here is a sample link that allows you to vote for techgyo website by loading it



  1. Hi Shrinivas,

    I've never heard of this service before and I have no doubt they'll continue coming out with more and more like this.

    So why would someone use this service instead of using the social share buttons they already have on their blog? Or maybe like you since you don't have any social share buttons this would come in handy? Just curious.


    • Hi Adrienne,

      Yes, it is a new service not much popular yet. This service can be helpful for social media optimizers who swap shares with other bloggers, sometimes it takes time to load the site, or buttons placed someone at the end. This service can help in loading only the share buttons instead of the whole page when asking for votes.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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